Watch Dogs 2 Teaser Trailer Published

Watch Dogs 2 Teaser Trailer Published

by Gary Oldwood on 7 June 2016 · 1119 views

It’s Ubisoft’s turn to prepare us for its new games, and Watch Dogs 2 will make the start tomorrow- the sequel to the quite ambitious open world action adventure game that made a sales record in the company’s history. Along with the announcement of the presentation, a video teaser was also uploaded, in which we can see the protagonist - hacker holding a smartphone in his hand, as you can see below:

Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled for release on April 2017, even though an ad banner on a random gaming-themed website was leaked, confirming the rumoured release date of 15 November 2016 as well as giving out the setting of the new game. The banner has since been removed, but Eurogamer saved a screenshot of the material, which you can see below.

Watch Dogs 2 Leaked Banner

The image shows clearly shows the protagonist, and the Golden Gate bridge, confirming the rumours that Watch Dogs 2 will take place in San Francisco. A release date is also shown (11.15.16), but we can't be sure until we have an official announcement very soon.

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