The Top 5 Most Popular Adventure Games on Facebook

The Top 5 Most Popular Adventure Games on Facebook

by Chris Thomas on 5 June 2016 · 2791 views

We all know there's plenty of digital adventure to be found on Facebook, especially within some of the site's top adventure games. While there are many negative stereotypes about social networks breeding laziness and boredom, to the contrary many people are able to sharpen their logic while having a fun competition with friends through some of the many arcade games that can integrate with Facebook. If you've been looking for more adventure games to add to your app catalog, consider the following list of the top 5 Facebook adventure games:

(Note: The list below has been ranked according to popularity based on Facebook's game data and statistics from third-party ranking sites)

1. Subway Surfers

Chances are you're familiar with this game already, as it has become a household name in the Android and iOS app markets. According to Statista, Subway Surfers was getting about 16.4 million monthly active users (MAU) from Facebook as of May 2016. Overall, the game has more than 140 million monthly users across all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

The object of the game is simple, yet addictive: try to keep from crashing as you run, hop, and fly along an obstacle course that gets increasingly faster and difficult as you progress. With an abundance of upgrades, power boosts, and perks that can be purchased with the coins you collect along your journey, the game makes it possible to rack up ridiculously high scores during nail-biting sessions that culminate in a hectic frenzy of train-dodging, eventually coming to an end when you smack into an object at high speed.

The depth of Subway Surfers is further increased by the variety of characters, levels, and power ups that can be collected during gameplay. The game was founded by brothers Jacob and Simon Moller in partnership with Kiloo Games and SYBO Games, a Denmark-based mobile game company. The game has been able to maintain impressive retention rates as well as daily revenue estimated in the range of $35,000 per day.

Official trailer for Subway Surfers:

2. Ninja Saga

Ninja Saga is a popular adventure/RPG title from Emagist Entertainment Limited that has been steadily gaining users since its release back in 2009, when it started out as a simple web-based Flash game. Now it has more than 500,000 players on Facebook, and the fan page has surprisingly managed to amass more than 17 million likes, most likely due to the large following of players who use the non-Facebook version. Ninja Saga packs in quite a bit of adventure for a casual RPG game, which is why sites categorize it as an adventure game.

The aim of the game is to create an interesting saga by letting the user design and improve a custom ninja that can be equipped with up to 500 different JUTSU skills, a variety of weapons, and even ninja pets. Players navigate through special events and ranked missions that involve battling opposing goblins, monsters, ninjas, and a bunch of other odd characters.

You can use your library of accumulated ninja skills to battle the computer, or fight against your actual Facebook friends in a Player vs. Player match. There's also the option to join a clan and have team battles. The core object of Ninja Saga is to rack up points and gold as you traverse through increasingly difficult levels and battles. As you continue to invest in your ninja's skills and weaponry the game increases in depth and becomes even more addictive, hence its popularity.

Ninja Saga gameplay:

3. Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is a roleplaying/adventure game that is the most popular in the crime genre with about 500,000 monthly active users on Facebook. The Mafia Wars Fan Page has more than 18 million likes. According to the Mafia Wars blog, a total of 7 million users play the game daily across all platforms. The game was initially released in 2008 by Zynga, a game development firm that was founded only about a year earlier in July of 2007.

The object of the game is to earn cash, build mafia alliances, buy and sell properties and other assets, and battle enemy mobs on your attempt to rise to the high rankings of Mafia World. The ultimate goal is to create a virtual empire of crime and collaboration by teaming up with other members of your Mafia crew to complete jobs, fight/rob other crews, build black market businesses and collect an arsenal of weapons and vehicles.

The gameplay is highly competitive, strategic, and action-packed but the character development and open environment makes it suitable for the adventure category. The game is frequently updated with new levels, cities, properties, bosses and components for Player vs. Player combat. The sheer density and depth of Mafia Wars makes it addictive and has no doubt contributed to its growing popularity.

Playlist showing Mafia Wars trailers and gameplay videos:

4. Miscrits: World of Creatures

Miscrits: World of Creatures is a role playing adventure game from Broken Bulb Studios that lets you collect and customize a variety of crazy creatures, each of which have their own special skill sets that allow them to participate in Pokemon-like battles. The game was launched in 2011 and has since become a major hit on Facebook with more than 1.6 million likes. It even has its own fan site called Miscrimania, which lists codes, cheats, and walk throughs you can use to gain access to better creatures.

The official Miscrepedia provides a complete list of Miscrits categorized by Nature, Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Lightning creatures. The game takes place in the "mysterious and magical" land of Miscria, which is a huge leap for Facebook gaming because it has a legit open world environment that makes for fun roaming. There are currently more than 20 million players to compete with and thousands of different creatures to collect and train, so there really is a wealth of gameplay to be enjoyed here.

Arena standings, teams, and Miscrit Packs make the competition even more interesting, as does the quest to obtain the game's main monetary treasure - Miscrit gems. Be forewarned though, there are some very serious players who have invested a lot of time and effort into the top spots, so don't expect to walk right in and dominate - your Pokemon collection won't help you here.

Official trailer for Miscrits: World of Creatures:

5. Diggy's Adventure

Diggy's Adventure from Pixel Federation is a casual adventure game launched in May of 2012, which has since managed to attract nearly a half a million likes on Facebook. The game puts you in control of Diggy, a traveling adventurer who has become shipwrecked on the coast of Egypt on the way to meet his friend Linda. The object of the adventure is to meet up with your friend, set up your own camp, solve ancient mysteries, carry out quests given to you by the gods, and collaborate and share virtual gifts with friends.

The most appealing aspect of the game is the sense of adventure and discovery you get while you're on the various journeys. Each level is actually a puzzle/maze, and they get more difficult to solve as you go along. The developers have done a great job of creating an intriguing and entertaining storyline. Of course, with a name like Diggy, it's not surprising that the game involves a lot of digging to find hidden treasures, maps, and other artifacts.

Despite being based in Egypt, the game manages to go beyond the desert into some pretty diverse levels and landscapes, making this a visually impressive title for Facebook. Another aspect that makes it addictive is the amount of riddles and puzzles included. If roaming through temples and tombs and uncovering ancient mysteries sounds like an adventure to you, you'll definitely enjoy being Diggy for a day.

A video of Diggy's Adventure gameplay in one of the more complex levels:

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