OnePlus 3 vs. iPhone 6S Speed Test

OnePlus 3 vs. iPhone 6S Speed Test

by Gary Oldwood on 26 June 2016 · 1734 views

1 full OnePlus 3 vs iPhone 6S Speed Test

The brand new OnePlus 3 is here, equipped with an impressive amount of 6GB RAM, the currently top quad-core Snapdragon 820, and its “battle” with the dual-core, 2GB RAM iPhone 6s seems already predefined.

But the big question is whether the result of this battle is indeed like we imagine it, considering just the technical specifications of the two devices, or if there are other factors that could change the outcome, so that the iPhone 6s does not become the prey of OnePlus 3.

In the video that follows, C4ETech performed a speed test between the two devices, which is quite interesting for those who are planning to buy a OnePlus 3, but in the back of their mind have the 1-year-old iPhone 6s. On the other hand, the rest of us will simply enjoy this rather unique contest!

Watch the video below:

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