New Household Battery Presented by BMW

New Household Battery Presented by BMW

by Gary Oldwood on 20 July 2016 · 1553 views

1 large New Household Battery Presented by BMW

BMW presented a rechargeable battery for supplying electricity to a household, which comes in two versions- one with a capacity of 22kWh and one with 33kWh.

It is obvious that BMW aims to rival Tesla, which presented its own corresponding battery solution. BMW’s batteries, as we mentioned above, come at two capacities: 22 kWh and 33 kWh, an energy that’s considered likely to keep an American household with a constant energy supply for 24 hours, according to TechInsider. BMW is not the only automaker that offers such a solution, but the difference is that other manufacturers’ batteries offer smaller capacities, and one should use several batteries simultaneously to have the energy he needs. For example, Tesla’s proposed battery solution has a capacity of 6.4kWh, which is about one-fourth of BMW’s smaller battery capacity.

BMW’s other smart ideas intends to reuse batteries installed in its i3 electric models, for households, after their cycle is completed. In fact, all BMW batteries will be easy to install and use in the household. BMW gave no information about the “release” date of its household batteries or their prices, but it will be announced in the near future.

There are also some rumors that BMW will begin a test program for using household batteries in California.

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