Huawei Sues T-Mobile

Huawei Sues T-Mobile

by Gary Oldwood on 7 July 2016 · 1805 views

2 large Huawei Sues TMobile

Huawei filed a lawsuit against T-Mobile, accusing the company of violating 14 patents related to 4G wireless technology.

More specifically, the complaint concerning the T-Mobile’s Un-carrier movement, which refused to approve Huawei’s patents in 2014. It’s worth noting however, that the Chinese giant is not requesting any financial compensation, but the court wants to officially recognize the company’s right to register patents in its own name at a normal cost.

However, keep in mind that this move may be hiding more in the background, as T-Mobile previously had sued Huawei too, accusing it of stealing trial robot technology. So, it’s possible the current move is Huawei’s answer, and perhaps a way to blackmail the outcome of the first sue, which has not been decided yet.

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