Giveaway: 10 licenses for System Mechanic [Ended]

Giveaway: 10 licenses for System Mechanic [Ended]

by Mihai Neacsu on 23 July 2015 · 3490 views

2 full Giveaway 10 licenses for System Mechanic EndedWe're back with a nice giveaway from iolo. Here are, up for grabs, 10 licenses for the Standard version of System Mechanic, each one worth $40 USD, valid for 1 year.

System Mechanic has been on the market for more than 16 years as a top system cleaning utility. Here's a quote from our review:

"The software is designed to clean up the Windows registry, delete junk files, fix configuration problems, run virus & spyware scans and resolve a host of other maintenance issues.

For users who want a single utility that covers all the bases, System Mechanic is certainly a solid contender. It's a classy product that does what it says."

Here's how to win a license: Simply leave a comment below.

(Optional) Show your support for the author by following iolo on Facebook and Twitter:

We'll randomly pick 10 winners and announce each one via email. If you don't have a Download3k account already, make sure you use a valid email during registration.

And the winners are ...

  1. toffee
  2. aintno
  3. onesimus
  4. moni68
  5. chib
  6. hoangviettqt
  7. owgor
  8. arx217
  9. snoovey
  10. dashhamidmamali

Congratulations and thank you all for taking part in our giveaway.

Future giveaways will be announced on TwitterFacebookGoogle+, or in the Newsletter.

Comments (22)
kshu's profile
kshu on 6 Aug 2015
Glad to hear that, owgor. Enjoy your copy of SM.
owgor's profile
owgor on 6 Aug 2015
Thanks Mihai I received my license :) Sorry for late reply.
kshu's profile
kshu on 4 Aug 2015
Onesimus, the Pro edition costs $56 USD for 1 year. Here is a comparison between different editions of SM
arx217's profile
arx217 on 4 Aug 2015
Thanx a lot :)
aintno's profile
aintno on 4 Aug 2015
super, thank you!
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onesimus's profile
onesimus on 4 Aug 2015
It (1 year) was mentioned in the first line (thanks, Mihai), but I would have expected such a price $40/year for the Pro version, not for the Standard version imho that's a bit pricey....
onesimus's profile
onesimus on 4 Aug 2015
Thanks for the license !
Sad to see it expires 8-3-2016.....
kshu's profile
kshu on 3 Aug 2015
Congratulations to all! I've sent emails to all the winners - if you run into problems feel free to write back or post a reply here.

Thank you all for taking part in this giveaway and thank you iolo Technologies for the opportunity.
moni68's profile
moni68 on 3 Aug 2015
thank you!
hoangviettqt's profile
hoangviettqt on 2 Aug 2015
thank you !
dashhamidmamali's profile
dashhamidmamali on 29 Jul 2015
thanks a lot, good giveaway
aintno's profile
aintno on 28 Jul 2015
arx217's profile
arx217 on 27 Jul 2015
very good giveaway, thanx...
snoovey's profile
snoovey on 27 Jul 2015
I am up. Thanks for this.
fireribs's profile
fireribs on 27 Jul 2015
I have never registered so fast on any site, ever :)
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chib's profile
chib on 25 Jul 2015
Awesome Giveaway
onesimus's profile
onesimus on 25 Jul 2015
jkhbrev's profile
jkhbrev on 24 Jul 2015
Count on me !
toffee's profile
toffee on 24 Jul 2015
Thank you for the giveaway! :-)
ha14's profile
ha14 on 24 Jul 2015
thanks iolo made nice software.
mieszko's profile
mieszko on 24 Jul 2015
Thanks for great contest!
owgor's profile
owgor on 24 Jul 2015
Thanks for giveaway. Count me in please.
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