Game Review: Spiraloid

Game Review: Spiraloid

by Chrisanna Lazaridou on 18 June 2017 · 2067 views

2 medium Game Review SpiraloidSpiraloid is an endless-runner game based on music and rhythm that takes you in a psychedelic and addictive 3D spiraling challenge. It requires very little of the player and in return offer a great experience with very uplifting music. As you can guess by the title, the gameplay is entirely based on a spiral world in which you control a very fancy ball and all you need to do is jump to avoid the obstacles that appear on your way. The controls are simple; a single tap to jump and double tap to double jump. That’s all. But the more you advance the harder it gets and taking into account that you are looking at a moving spiral, it won’t take long before you lose control of the gem and lose.

The game offers you a way out from starting all over, by watching ads. Ads also reward you with gems, gems that you can also collect in-game and with which you can purchase different balls. Speaking of which, everything is so beautifully looking that makes you want to collect them all as soon as possible. Every stage has a different look and a different ost to accompany your gameplay.

The music plays a very important part in the game because the rhythm helps you make the moves at the right moments. As you progress you will be able to make upgrades too and unlock power ups.

In-app Purchases

You can visit the game’s store to buy power ups and more. All of the purchases are optional and you can enjoy the game to its fullest without having to spend anything.

3 medium Game Review SpiraloidGraphics & Sounds

The graphics and BG music are the game’s strongest point, and what will initially attract you to it. The 3D graphics are gorgeous, smooth, and the colors simply beautiful. As I mentioned above, the balls are my personal favorites, and their designs made me wish they were real. The ost will cheer you up and you certainly need to play this game with sound on otherwise you will be missing half of the fun.


 All in all, Spiraloid is a very fun endless-runner with a unique style that is sure to offer you enjoyment and fun while it requires very little effort from your part. It is perfect to kill some time with, and relax. It is available on the app store and will soon be available for free on Google Play too. Let us know your thoughts and impressions in the comments below.

Download Spiraloid for iOS devices here.

Android version coming soon.


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Spiraloid screenshots (above) and trailer (below)

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