Earth View Makes Using Google Chrome More Fun

Earth View Makes Using Google Chrome More Fun

by Pete Daniel on 14 October 2014 · 3348 views

When you normally open a Google Chrome tab unless you are already using an extension to show some favorite bookmarks or most visited web sites, you're likely to see something rather bland and boring. With the Earth View extension, that's all changed.

1 large Earth View Makes Using Google Chrome More Fun

The Earth View extension for Google Chrome lets you see a pretty satellite image from its database of images all around the world. Each time a new tab is opened you'll see something completely different too.

If you click the globe icon which displays in the corner once the extension is installed then you'll be able to view the current photo from within Google Maps as well. This will open up other viewing options and the ability to move around the area if it's tickled your fancy and you want to see more of the local scene.

Get away from it all without the hassle of getting to the airport or riding a rickety bus in third world country. Let Google transport you in a painless manner.

Install the Earth View Google Chrome extension here.

Comments (2)
warriorworking's profile
warriorworking on 14 Oct 2014
Some of them are so good that I'm going full screen, hiding the mouse pointer, screen capturing and using the view as a desktop wallpaper.
kshu's profile
kshu on 14 Oct 2014
This looks like a fun extension. I'm going to keep it installed for a while until I feel the need to speed up tab opening again or see the "most visited" tiles.
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