Dropbox Launches Interesting New Photo Storage App Called Carousel

Dropbox Launches Interesting New Photo Storage App Called Carousel

by Chris Thomas on 10 April 2014 · 1331 views

Online file storage and sharing giant Dropbox has just launched a new photo and media storing app called Carousel. The company hopes that the new addition will become a household name and the top solution for individuals and business that need a convenient and robust interface with which they can preserve and access their most important media files.

2 full Dropbox Launches Interesting New Photo Storage App Called Carousel

The new app can be accessed at Carousel.com, and according to Dropbox representatives, users can start using the service immediately to begin storing and managing as much video and image data as allowed by their existing Dropbox account plan. The app/web service can be accessed via any internet-connected device - either through the cloud (on Carousel.com) or through the iOS or Android app.

In addition to letting you store media for personal use, Carousel also lets you privately share large amounts of media data with other users, all without facing the slow load times and upload restrictions seen in other sending methods (i.e.- email attachments). 

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that even people who don't have a Dropbox account can use the Carousel sharing tools simply by using their email address or phone number. However, in order to store files on Dropbox's servers in the long-term you would need to setup an account plan. Fortunately, Dropbox currently provides up to 2GB in free storage, with additional storage space only costing $9.99 per month for every 100GB of data.

Carousel will serve as a universal photo and video album for users by automatically syncing all uploaded content across all of their devices. A click wheel at the bottom of the user interface will let users quickly scroll through their entire media collection by date and time while the main preview screen above displays an interactive wall of content.

Carousel can be set to automatically upload every snapshot taken on your device in real-time, so as soon as you take a picture or record a video that media will be instantly stored and synced across all of your devices and within an online account that you can access from any computer.

The developers say that the app interface was designed to feel like a chat or SMS window, with integrated group sharing features that let you quickly share a single photo or entire albums with specific contacts or with a group of contacts.

One of the unique advantages of Carousel is that it lets users save storage space on their mobile devices because all captured videos and photos can be set to be automatically stored with the cloud rather than on their device's hard drive.

In other words, you won't have to upload files from your device and then delete them from the SD card or internal storage, as the files will never actually exist directly on the device- they can go straight to Carousel. Dropbox developers believe this feature alone will be enough attract users of other services like Yahoo! Flickr and Google+. 

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