Cloak App For iPhone: Web Browsing Safety Net And More!

Cloak App For iPhone: Web Browsing Safety Net And More!

by Chad Faith on 24 March 2014 · 1828 views

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In an age when free Wi-Fi hotspots are indispensible to smartphone and tablet owners, the ability to surf the internet safely concealed from the ever-watching eyes of hackers and the threats of phishing programs represents a godsend. There are of course, numerous ways to shield your devices from the public, but we're here to discuss one of the most recent released apps signed by Brian Moore and Chris Baker, Cloak (website, iTunes).

What exactly is Cloak?

Developed in compatibility with the iOS 7.0 and newer, Cloak is not just another secure VPN. In fact, purchasing a subscription plan for the application – providing that you're completely satisfied with its capabilities after the 30 day trial expires, opens up a world of possibilities in terms of net browsing. The clean and simple interface permits users to enable the protection at the tap of a single button. In addition to that, activating Cloak allows access to websites blocked by the network you’re currently connected to.

There are limitations in terms of traffic set on the free accounts, but you can always check out how much you have left via the app. User authentication failure messages are typically related to an exhausted quota.

Cloak, the anti-social network                                                                              

Another cool feature of this application is that integrating your account on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks that utilize geo-location and automatically update your position via check-ins enables you to prevent other people from knowing where you are. Cloak can be set to block the check-ins, therefore allowing you to stay hidden from anyone you’d prefer to avoid. From this point of view, it constitutes the antithesis of a social network.

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Known bugs and issues

While minor by comparison to the benefits, some users have reported that the data transfer slows down a bit when Cloak is enabled. However, it is only normal, considering that the information packets have to bypass an additional filter before getting in and out of your device. At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that the app won’t function when Java Script is disabled on the Safari browser. Enabling Java Script can be done via the Settings option of your iPhone.

Cloak in a nutshell

Although it’s an app that requires a monthly subscription plan varying between $7.99 and $11.99, the protection it’s able to provide definitely trumps the costs, especially if you regularly utilize Wi-Fi hotspots as preferred means of internet browsing. In addition to shielding you against malicious software, Cloak safeguards your intimacy by placing a “cease and desist” order on automatic check-ins from social networks.        

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