Apple is Now Trying to Ban the Sale of Samsung's Most Popular Mobile Products... Again

Apple is Now Trying to Ban the Sale of Samsung's Most Popular Mobile Products... Again

by Chris Thomas on 26 May 2014 · 1837 views

Apple is Now Trying to Ban the Sale of Samsungs Most Popular Mobile Products AgainEarlier this month in California a patent-infringement trial took place, during which a jury found (via a mixed verdict) that Samsung was guilty of violating three Apple patents, while Apple was only found guilty of violating one Samsung patent.

The three patents that Samsung was found to be in violation of were related to the features "slide to unlock," "automatic word correction," and "quick links."

Apple Files to Ban All Infringing Samsung Products

In a somewhat surprising turn of events Apple filed papers requesting that the Court ban the sale of all Samsung products that utilize the aforementioned features.

The products that Apple specifically asked to ban the sale of include the Galaxy SII (including the Skyrocket and Epic 4G Touch versions), Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note I and II, Stratosphere, and Admire.

Although the above devices were explicitly mentioned in the filing, Apple's attorneys also addressed more recent gadgets with an overall statement saying that the sales ban should be applied to any software/code that can implement an infringing feature.

Monetary Compensation Not Good Enough, Yet More Damages Sought

While the jury has already awarded Apple more than $119 million for its infringement claims, their attorneys claim that any amount of monetary compensation will not be enough to reimburse the company for what they're claiming would otherwise become "irreparable damages" if Samsung was allowed to continue selling the infringing devices.

Meanwhile, Samsung was awarded a comparatively petty sum of a little more than $158k for Apple's use of their patented organization of videos/photos within folders. Still, Apple fell far short of the $2.2 billion it had originally requested going into the trial.

In addition to requesting a sales ban on all infringing Samsung products Apple has also filed a separate request with the court asking for a partial new trial to reconsider the amount that was paid in damages.

Will History Repeat Itself?

Apple and Samsung have been having a heated legal battle for several years now, and given past history it is unlikely that a sales ban will be enforced.

The judge ruling the current case (Lucy Koh) has already denied the iPhone maker's requests to ban Samsung products twice before, so it will be interesting to see if the third time will be a charm for Apple and its team of aggressive attorneys.

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