Apple Announces That 2014 iPads Will Be Equipped With TouchID Fingerprint Sensor and Powerful A8 CPU, 12.9 Inch iPad Slated for 2015

Apple Announces That 2014 iPads Will Be Equipped With TouchID Fingerprint Sensor and Powerful A8 CPU, 12.9 Inch iPad Slated for 2015

by Chris Thomas on 13 April 2014 · 1011 views

Apple has announced that it will be releasing a new set of iPads this year that will introduce the powerful new A8 mobile processing unit as well as the revolutionary new TouchID fingerprint sensor. The new features will be available in the iPad Airs and Retina iPad Minis, both of which are expected to precede a new 12.9 inch entertainment iPad that will hit the shelves in early 2015.

iPad Air 2 Expected to Arrive Before October

The first product of the new lineup will be the iPad Air 2, which will sport the aforementioned A8 processor (manufactured by TSMC) and TouchID sensor as well as an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera. This device is expected to be available for sale during the third quarter of 2014.

The pre-October launch should gibe consumers plenty of time to become aware of the new iPad Air, add it to their wishlist, and set aside enough to purchase it just in time for the holiday season rush. 

iPad Mini with Retina Display Gets Revamped

Despite the fact the the first iPad Mini with Retina display did not sell as well as Apple had intended (surprisingly falling short of the original iPad Mini), the new version (which is being appropriately called the iPad Mini 3) is receiving a slight makeover with the addition of the new processor'which is expected to be a strong selling point for the relatively unwelcomed Retina iPad Mini.

Most tech analysts agree that the reduced sales volume for the latest Retina-equipped iPad Mini was caused by the same mistake Apple made when the integrated the ultra high-resolution Retina display into the original iPad - thickening the device to allow for the new display. Apparently, most of the consumers that are interested in the iPad Mini are more concerned with compactness and portability than display quality.

Although the new iPad Mini will not change much in size, a limited number of units will be shipped to safeguard against the reduced demand, while the previous version (without the A8 processor and TouchID sensor) will continue to ship until the new version has proven its ability to sell. This appears to be a strategic move to create a higher demand for the new iPad Mini by creating scarcity while also giving it stronger computing power.

12.9 Inch iPad Pro Set to Arrive in Early 2015

Thanks to Apple, next year we'll be seeing the introduction of the largest tablet ever - a mammoth 12.9 inch iPad Pro that is expected to provide the best entertainment and productivity experience of any tablet thus far. Although the device will likely be launched in late December 2014, it probably won't be reaching the homes of consumers until early January 2015. 

Apple has stated that the operating system interface for this mega tablet will likely receive a makeover as well, as they'll be aiming to provide functionality that is just as intuitive and responsive as a device that has an external keyboard attached. 

The iPad Pro will be available in two display variations - one capable of 2k resolution (2560 x 1600) and the other capable of 4k resolution (4096 x 3072). In addition to the new display, A8 chip, and TouchID fingerprint sensor, the iPad Pro will also feature eye-tracking technology.

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