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"Multifunction Alarm / Reminder/ Scheduler"

GigAlarm is a comprehensive alarm and reminder software for Windows that offers a multitude of features, making it a multipurpose program. The program can run files and play multimedia files, including MP3s, to notify users of events. The software is multithreaded, taking advantage of multi-processor and hyper-threaded machines, and can schedule millions of different events.

One of the standout features of GigAlarm is its ability to run multiple alarms at the exact same time. Alarms can be set to second resolution and can be programmed to auto-repeat by a time offset, such as every 5 hours or even at a random time. Additionally, alarms can be set to repeat after a certain number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, making it incredibly flexible for users to set reminders.

Users can set up different alarm actions aside from showing text to inform them of the purpose of the alarm. The alarm can play a wave file, MP3 or any other common Windows sound file, which can be set specifically or picked randomly from a selected folder. Multiple files can be specified, and sounds can be set to repeat. Users can run any file of any type via its default handler, with or without a warning, and multiple files can be specified. The software can also sync the computer's time via the internet, change the background wallpaper, perform a power status change event such as a shutdown, restart, log-off, suspend or hibernation. Users can also remotely restart another computer.

One of the most useful features of GigAlarm is the ability to set the sound level of your computer prior to alarm events to help you hear them. Alarms can be set to wake the computer before the alarm action, and individual alarms can be set to not be executed later if they are missed while the computer is off, or all alarms can be set to act this way. Additionally, alarms can be set to time-out and close after a set amount of time, and alarms can be set to snooze, with the time selectable from 5 minutes to a week. Users can set alarms for a time relative to the current time, such as 30 minutes away, which is selectable from 5 minutes to a week.

GigAlarm has a log option so that users can have a record of what the software does. The program is capable of running in window or tray mode. In tray mode, users can check what the next alarm is and when it will happen via the tray icon. It shows information on two alarms and can display either the time the alarm will happen or how far away the alarm is. In windowed mode, the view can be an alarm list showing alarms in time order or a sort-able list, a large view of the next alarm, a clock, and a split list with a time display and a calendar. The split list/calendar view can also show the windows up time, three world times, the next scheduled system wake time and your daily bio-rhythms.

The main window is resizable and can be set to be on-top or transparent. Alarms can be paused, with the time selectable from 5 minutes to four days. Users can also set an "exclusion zone" so that no alarms will happen between two selected times. The software's alarm files are automatically backed up and will attempt to recover data in the case of bad shutdowns.

Finally, GigAlarm includes other features, such as a wallpaper changer, that allows users to select wallpapers from a chosen directory, and will use images from that directory as well as sub-directories. By re-naming sub-directories, users can give some images priority over others.

Overall, GigAlarm is an incredibly versatile software that offers a plethora of features. It's perfect for those who need to schedule

What's new in this version: Blank screen and internal tweaks

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