Anti-Keylogger 10.3.3

Reviewed by Sam Kenwick

"100% efficient product against spy software"


Keylogger programs are appearing more frequently on the Internet than ever before. They can come through email, downloaded files, and also infect your computer through scripting language. The Anti-Keylogger software allows you to protect yourself from keylogger threats and enjoy a safer computing experience. Using heuristic algorhithms, this program is able to recognize and disable malicious keylogging programs that put your safety at risk. Anti-Keylogger runs quietly in the background and won't disrupt your daily activities. It also uses very little system resources so you won't experience any lag. 


Installation of this program takes only a few short minutes, and the download file is fairly small. There's no adware or spyware included with this program, and it's compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2003/2008. 


The interface of the program allows you to check on what the program is doing. You can view the Protection Policy and along with it your Auto-Detected Modules. You can also set the program options, like sound alerts, splash screen display, and taskbar icon. 

Basically, the Anti-Keylogger program doesn't require much action on your part to protect you. All you need to do is install the program and it pretty much does the rest. 


Anti-Keylogger is able to recognize when a program is acting suspiciously and then automatically disable it. It doesn't use signature bases to do the detection like other programs do, as signature base detection can sometimes miss certain custom keyloggers because they're so new. The Anti-Keylogger program instead uses heuristic technology to spot offending activity and automatically disable the suspicious program. 

Also, most people who have purchased the full version of this program have been satisfied with the protection it offers. 


  • Demo version of the program is only allowed to be active for 2 hours - After that, it automatically switches itself off
  • The demo version is only allowed to be loaded 10 separate instances - After that, it disables itself
  • No money back guarantee policy - All sales are non-refundable and final


SpyShelter Stop-Logger - This highly affordable program is one of the very best at catching keylogger programs before they can capture any of your details. It covers the entire spectrum of logging attempts, including screen captures, SSL bypassing keyloggers, sound capture attempts, and more. So no matter how a keylogger tries to infiltrate your system, Spy Shelter will catch it in its tracks. 

Zemana AntiLogger - Financial malware like keyloggers and screen capture programs are a danger to us all. In order to have the best chance at staying 100% safe, you should consider protection in addition to your anti-virus software. The Zemana AntiLogger is highly adept at catching financial malware before it has a chance to steal your sensitive information. It's also highly affordable protection that most people can afford. 


Even custom made keyloggers are no match for the heuristic detection capabilities of this software. Because Anti-Keylogger is one of the first software titles of its kind to forego signature bases as a detection method, it's able to detect the actual BEHAVIOR of programs and shut them down automatically before they can do any damage. Anti-Keylogger uses a very new and sophisticated method to keep you safe, and we think it's well worth the full version asking price for the protection it offers.

Requirements: Windows 7(32-bit)/Vista(32-bit)/XP SP2(32-bit)

What's new in this version: Conflict between Avast Antivirus and removal of our application has been fixed.

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