ZArchiver: A promising file archive manager for Android

ZArchiver: A promising file archive manager for Android

by Pete Daniel on 9 March 2015 · 3835 views

9 full ZArchiver A promising file archive manager for AndroidZArchiver is a file manager that can also handle archives well on the Android operating system. If you are not happy with your default file manager then this app may well make a good option as an alternative choice.


ZArchiver has its basis in the fact that it is excellent at dealing with different kinds of file archives. Be they ZIP archives, ARC archives, 7z archives, and many more.

The software can create archives from a short list of supported file archive containers including XZ, TAR, BZ2, GZ, ZIP and 7z.

The list of archive types supported for decompressing and accessing the files contained within an archive is far more extensive. These include 33 main options (or variants) which it can access like ISO, TAR, GZIP, 7Z, RAR, ZIP, CHM, ARC, LHA, and more.

With dealing with file archives that can often task a CPU and file system heavily, the software does support multi-threading on multi-core processors for quicker task completion.

Archives can be split up (RAR, ZIP and 7z only), edited, created, compressed, and password-protected too.

File Manager

Beyond the fact that the ZArchiver app can be used as the de facto file archive manager, it is also an excellent file manager in its own right. This point should not be overlooked when looking for an improved file manager experience to locate and deal with downloaded files, screenshots taken, plus video or pictures recently captured.


The interface looks different depending on whether you are using a smart phone or a tablet.

1 large ZArchiver A promising file archive manager for Android

For the smart phone the display is longer and thinner with less space to work.

6 large ZArchiver A promising file archive manager for Android

The tablet interface broadens out considerably providing greater space for long folder and file names, plus ample room for the new window overlays that appear with options for various actions to be taken.

On both smart phones and tablets, the layout is nicely done with an easily readable font and good font size so the user is not squinting to read all the information. Navigation within the app itself is clear and obvious even for beginner users.

3 large ZArchiver A promising file archive manager for Android

Furthermore, the overlay that appears when dealing with different kinds of archives takes the fear out of working with file archives which many users are both unfamiliar with and worried about trying out for the first time.


It is difficult to find a file archive manager from the Google Play Store which offers full ZIP file container support. Let alone a file archiver manager that does a good job as a file manager, but ZArchiver goes further with extensive file archive format support and extra archiving features like AES 256-bit encryption.

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