Google News and Weather App Now For iOS and Android

Google News and Weather App Now For iOS and Android

by Pete Daniel on 9 October 2014 · 952 views

Google News and Weather app previously was only available on the native Android platform but now Google have expanded the app out to support the Apple iOS platform as well.

1 full Google News and Weather App Now For iOS and Android

The app is a very useful news and weather app that is capable of covering up to 65,000 different publications worldwide, stripping out the coverage and presenting it in a swipe enabled GUI that splits the news into categories like Top Stories, Technology, Politics, Finance, Local News and also local weather.

It is possible to get a comprehensive take on the current news and then drill down by personalizing what news feeds you wish to see. Country specific editions of sites can be selected in order to further adjust the type of news stories that are shown within the app.

Selecting any story will bring up an array of different views on the main story points, various in-depth articles where the subject is covered by various publications to get a cross-section of topical opinion on the matter and where relevant, the local spin on the latest news.

One of the best feature of the Google News and Weather app is that it is possible to drill deep into news topics until you reach the local news outlets. In this way you're not stuck only with major news outlets like CNN and USA Today but can also find city and state specific news stories of interest before they are covered by the wider news press. A nice feature for anyone who is addicted to the daily goings on locally or globally.

In an age where American news is often overly slanted towards a myopic view of the States with little real reporting of any substance outside of the U.S., many informed Americans are now seeking global news sources like the BBC and Asian news outlets in order to provide a more balanced and rounded reporting. In this way, news stories that are never covered Stateside can come to the attention of readers.

With the Android app there are home screen widgets that can be added for news sections like NASA, Fashion, Hollywood and numerous other news topics that catch your interest. Lacking widgets, the iOS version sadly doesn't offer the same widget functionality but in most other respects the version matches the Android one step for step.

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