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Published by Hissen IT on 17 Jun 2021
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"Easy strong encryption for Java and Android"

CrococryptLib for Java and Android: The easiest way to integrate encryption into your application

With this library anybody can write encryption and other crypto services!

- Do you know about AES block cipher modes like CBC or parameters like initialization vectors?

- Do you know how to easily encode, store and transmit encrypted data?

- Do you care about secure storage of passwords or password-based encryption?

- Use industry standards like PBKDF2 and PKCS #5 with auto-secure settings like HMAC, iteration count and salt.

CrococryptLib provides the most easiest way to integrate encryption into your own application. No in-depth cryptography knowledge is required, save development time & budget... .

* Compact encryption format: Auto selection and storage of security parameters in one compact format. This includes keysizes, initialization vectors, iteration counts, salt and hash lengths.
* Easy and secure hash and validation of user passwords
* Password-based encryption including key wrapping and support for password changes
* Default hash: PBKDF2 (PKCS #5), HMAC with SHA512, 512 Bit hash, 512 Bit salt
* Strong encryption by default: AES 256 Bit, CBC mode, secure auto-generation of new initialization vectors (IV)
** Any JCE-available symmetric cipher can be used alternatively - like Twofish, Serpent, Blowfish, 3DES, GOST etc.
* Easy encoding into binary (less storage space), Base64, Hex, JSON, files or arbitrary stream objects. Choose any format also for databases.
* Through the compact format all keys and encryption values can be stored in a single column, field, or property. No further management overhead.
* Every value is stored independently
** Individual accounts can have different algorithm strength. Example: For performance reasons you might go with a lower iteration count for user passwords, but you want a high iteration count for administration accounts. No problem using CrococryptLib!

Requirements: N

What's new in this version: Full Android support

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