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"Mix your color and set it as your wallpaper"


Sometimes simplicity is the best thing that you can have, since there may be many benefits which cannot be enjoyed otherwise. What I’m talking about is RGB Color Wallpaper, a free app for Android smartphones and tablets that allows you to change the background wallpaper to a minimalistic color wallpaper, by selecting any RGB color combination with the help of three sliders that correspond to color values for red, green and blue. The end result is a neat background that comes with several advantages for your device.


RGB Color Wallpaper is quite small in terms of size, since it requires only 80KB of free space in the device. It can be downloaded and installed via Google Play, and it requires Android version 4.1 or above. The app is completely free, has no ads and needs no extra permissions.


This app’s interface is extremely simple and easy to use- there are no complicated settings that could confuse even an inexperienced user. Its main screen consists of 3 sliders that you can move in order to change color values for red, green and blue correspondingly. Additionally, there is a toolbar at the top, which allows you to replace the current wallpaper with the color wallpaper that’s defined from the sliders’ values, and there are also a couple of other buttons that allow you to access a list of built-in colors and use them, instead of picking a color manually by yourself.

When you finally set a color background, you will be taken to the home screen, which now has the new wallpaper, and a message with appear at the bottom that tells you “Nice [color name] wallpaper!”.


An advantage that cannot be overlooked is the unbelievably small size of this app; free space is certainly an issue to many users, but this app requires a really insignificant amount of free space in order to be installed (80KB).

Everyone can use this app, regardless of previous experience with Android apps. In fact, everything is so straightforward that makes using RGB Color Wallpaper quite enjoyable.

Regarding its functionality, the app has a name for every RGB color combination. So, when you move the sliders, the color’s name will appear at the top. It’s useful to know which color you are using, or if you want to learn more complicated and rare colors.

Furthermore, the app has a list of more than 1500 colors (with their names and a sample of how they look), which you can use to search for a specific color, or get some ideas for the wallpaper.

If you are hesitant about replacing your current wallpaper to a single color background, then think that it will consume less battery (useful if your battery drains quickly) and less memory.


No cons in this app, it works fine and without problems.


Color Wallpaper (free) is an interesting alternative, since it has similar functionality. Although you don’t have complete control over the colors that you can select (normally you are restricted only to a number of colors), you can search for a specific color using its hexadecimal value. Another alternative is Colored Wallpaper (free), which has plenty of features, including a nice color picker, and the ability to save favorite colors for future reference.


If you are tired of constantly searching for a nice wallpaper for your Android device, and want something simple and neat that looks beautiful, then give RGB Color Wallpaper a try. It will certainly give a nice touch to the device, plus it will help with performance and battery consumption.

Reviewed by Gary Oldwood

Requirements: Android 4.1 and up

What's new in this version: * Over 1,500 named colors to choose from * Improved intuitive interface

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