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"Tool to search and remove assembly from GAC"

GAC Browser and Remover is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for Microsoft .NET developers and support personnel who often encounter challenges when dealing with large-scale software systems comprised of multiple assemblies installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). This powerful tool aims to simplify and streamline the management of GACed assemblies, offering enhanced search capabilities, efficient removal options, and improved visibility into assembly details.

One of the primary pain points addressed by GAC Browser and Remover is the cumbersome process of locating specific assemblies within the GAC. The built-in assembly viewer in Windows Explorer falls short in providing an effective search mechanism, leaving users struggling to navigate through the extensive collection of assemblies. However, with GAC Browser, this issue becomes a thing of the past. The software empowers users to perform targeted searches based on assembly names or public keys, ensuring quick and accurate results. Moreover, the search results can be sorted based on various assembly attributes, facilitating easy identification and selection of the desired assemblies.

The software's removal capabilities offer a significant advantage over the popular 'gacutil' command. With GAC Browser and Remover, users can effortlessly select and remove one or more assemblies, regardless of whether they were installed by a specific installer or not. This feature proves invaluable when encountering problematic or unwanted assemblies that are challenging to uninstall through traditional means. By simplifying the removal process, the software mitigates the risk of accidental deletion and ensures greater control over the GACed assemblies.

GAC Browser and Remover goes beyond its primary functionalities by providing additional conveniences and insights. Users can refresh their search results to ensure they have the most up-to-date information. Furthermore, the software offers seamless integration with the IL Disassembler (ildasm), an essential tool in .NET development. By simply right-clicking on an assembly, users can effortlessly open it in ILDASM, facilitating in-depth analysis and exploration of the assembly's IL code.

In summary, GAC Browser and Remover serves as an indispensable tool for anyone working with assemblies in the GAC. Its extensive features, including powerful search capabilities, efficient removal options, and integration with ILDASM, make it an essential companion for Microsoft .NET developers and support personnel. By addressing the shortcomings of existing tools and simplifying complex tasks, GAC Browser and Remover significantly improves the overall experience of managing GACed assemblies, ultimately enhancing productivity and streamlining development and support workflows.

Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0

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