Norman Security Suite PRO 10

Norman Security Suite PRO 10

Reviewed by Sam Kenwick

"Norman Security Suite PRO"


Norman Security Suite Pro is a full featured security suite that's in direct competition with McAfee Total Protection, Norton 360, and others. It's a top performing program that has everything you need to stay safe both online and off. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of features this program has, and also how the Norman company has dedicated tons of time and effort into creating an up to date, high performance PC security solution that works for everyone.  


The Norman Security Suite PRO installation file is about 275 megabytes in size, so installing it will take a few minutes. Also, if you're running any other anti-virus software in the background, you'll probably want to uninstall those so that there's no conflicts to deal with later. The Norman Security Suite Program doesn't have any adware/spyware bundled with it, as this company is about as professionally minded as it gets. 

This software is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. You'll also be needing a CPU with a speed of at least 1.8 GHz and 2 gigabytes of RAM (recommended). 


The interface of the program is graphically based and great for people that prefer a nice visual appeal to their programs. In the main window, you'll find Scan Computer, Check For Updates, Settings, Tasks, Quarantine, and Support. While it looks pretty simple and basic, the Norman Security Suite Pro is anything but. It features real time protection and Intrusion Protection that actually stops malicious files from running at all times. 

This program comes with Parental Controls, Antivirus, Antispam, Personal Firewall, Privacy Tools, and even allows you to change languages. This Norman software is a total security suite solution that nearly everyone can use. It's won awards on the Internet and the popular software review sites give it high rankings. 

This program is also intelligent. It tells you when your virus definitions are out of date and displays a warning message so you know to update them. 


We really like Norman Security Suite PRO because it has everything you need to stay safe online. Not only that, but the makers of the program are always updating the virus definition files to give you the very best protection. It has a small system footprint that dramatically reduces the amount of system resources it uses, and you'll be happy with the extra Parental Controls that will keep your family safe from abusive Internet attacks. 

The Norman software is also directly linked to a cloud-based platform that keeps everything updated nicely. And, it's reported that the firewall this program uses is much better than the standard Windows Firewall. Email and instant message attachments are scanned for safety by the program, and the updates to this program run in the background automatically with no need for you to intervene. 


The Norman Security Suite PRO software isn't nearly as popular as Norton 360 or McAfee Total Protection. They just haven't been in the software field long enough to gain a strong market share. This may change in the future, but some people are a bit apprehensive about putting their full trust in a company they haven't heard much about before. 

Also, the Parental Controls have been reported to let some instances of porn slip by the filters. This may frighten some parents to stay away from this software altogether. 


McAfee Total Protection - McAfee has been one of the main players in PC security solutions for years now. They always offer the best protection when it comes to your PC security. You can trust that this company is taking the extra steps necessary to stay current with any new and emerging threats that surface. 

BitDefender Total Security - This total PC security solution is lightning fast and unobtrusive to your daily PC activities. It comes with a huge amount of features and has been recognized as one of the best total protection suites out there. The full paid version is affordable enough, and the BitDefender company has been serving up award winning software titles for many years now. 


The Norman Security Suite PRO software suite is pretty good. The development team at Norman updates their virus definition files on a regular basis, and the level of protection you get from the software is respectable. We really like that it comes with an Intrusion Guard System that intervenes and stop malicious programs from running if they manage to get by the initial virus scan. Hopefully, more and more people start to turn to the Norman company for their PC security needs.

Requirements: 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 500 MB HD

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