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"A Subversion client."


TortoiseSVN is a user-friendly SCM (Source Control Software) that is considered by many to be the top standalone Apache Subversion client. It functions as an extension within the Windows shell menu, integrating perfectly with the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer and providing a highly functional GUI (graphical user interface) for Subversion.


Installing TortoiseSVN is as simple as setting up any other modern Windows utility, as it comes in a self-installing package that even the most inexperienced computer can appreciate. Compatible with Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Server 2008, and 7.


The TortoiseSVN user interface is split between an integrated Windows shell menu that appears when you right-click a file/folder, and a Commit dialog that appears whenever you commit to putting changes into effect. The location and hierarchy of context menu commands are fully customizable, so you can choose which options will appear in the first branch of the context menu, and which ones you'd like to be hidden within the drop-down submenu.


  • Based on the industry-standard Subversion engine, so you can trust the reliability and performance

  • Being that it is actually a Subversion client, the software contains all of Subversion's features and more, including but not limited to efficient binary handling, atomic commits, and versioned file renaming, directory changes, and file metadata updates

  • Automatically displays commands that are applicable to the file/folder you right-click, so you won't be confronted with any options or features that can't be used in a particular situation

  • Shows file statuses and the appropriate overlay icons within Windows Explorer. If you set Windows Explorer to display information in the "Details" view the software will add more columns to give you as much information as possible.

  • Commit dialog includes a built-in spellchecker. There are also multilingual spellcheckers available, and you can assign a different language in the spellchecker for each project

  • Saves time and enhances productivity by automatically completing paths/keywords in modified files

  • Supports various subversion protocols, including https://, http://, svn+ssh://, svn+XXX://, and svn://, file:///

  • Includes comprehensive help documentation that can teach even the most experienced user how to use the software effectively in short period of time

  • Offers more options and features than any other Subversion control client, making it the top version control tool amongst experienced techies


  • Due to the large number of options available within the Windows shell extension menu it can be difficult for inexperienced users to find the appropriate features expeditiously

  • Some users have complained that certain operations take a while to complete (i.e. – checking repo logs may require some patience)


Given the success of the Subversion revision control/source control engine, there are a number of software similar to TortoiseSVN that are based on a similar or identical structure, including but not limited to Versions (for Mac), SmartSVN (cross-platform), RabbitVCS (for Linux).


If you're a developer in need of a powerful version control interface, TortoiseSVN provides a graphical subversion client that is unparalleled in functionality, user-friendliness, and operating system integration.

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