SQL Data Lens 3.00

SQL Data Lens 3.00

Reviewed by Pete Daniel on 29 Mar 2015

"SQL Data Lens SQL tool for Intersystems Caché"

Caché Monitor is a development tool to use with the InterSystems database / database cache. The tool will help developers to generate SQL queries via the Advanced Query Editor. The user can look at the Server Navigator to see what the available Namespaces are within the Caché Servers. There is no need to know the name of the Namespace ahead of time or to bother configuring JDBC connections because Caché Servers already has that connectivity built-in. The Server Navigator is the main tool within this software. This is what is used to browse InterSystems Caché servers and organize them into groups. Database objects are visible within the software and database structures like classes, indexes, constraints, procedures, views, functions and tables are all supported. This software makes managing multiple InterSystems Caché Servers more simple than it would otherwise be.

Caché Monitor Key Features:

  • Development tool for InterSystems database and database cache
  • Can also connect to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access and other database systems
  • No need to configure JDBC connections because this is done for the user
  • Database objects are viewable
  • Database structures like classes, indexes, constraints, procedures, views, functions and tables are all supported
  • Requires Java Runtime Environment 7.0

Caché Monitor is a development tool for InterSystems database and other database management systems.

What's new in this version: V 3.01 (07.11.2021): - ENH : ServerNavigator : Copy connections details for JDBC included; Send connections details for JDBC included - ENH : ServerNavigator : JDBC Connections dialog shows example URLs - ENH : Driver updated to MS SQL Server 9.4.0 (mssql-jdbc-9.4.0.jre11) - ENH : MS SQL Server: Windows authentication fixed V 3.00 (17.10.2021): - Rename: Caché Monitor is now -> SQL Data Lens :-) - ENH : TableViewer : Shows more details for IRIS DB Server - ENH : ServerNavigator : Improved connection testing - ENH : ServerNavigator : Stored Procedures are loaded async - FIXED: ServerNavigator : Expanding node while already connecting doesn't start more tries to connect - ENH : SPViewer : For Stored Procedures SQL Data Lens create CALL scripts based on the Metadata. But SQL Data Lens can also - create a SELECT script for calling a Stored Procedure by using %ODBCIN for each result column - create a SELECT script for calling a Stored Procedure by using %INTERNAL for each result column - create a SELECT script for calling a Stored Procedure by using CAST( col as VARCHAR(255)) for each result column This functions can helb to find and identifiy data type problems within your Stored Procedure - ENH : SQL Editor : Restoring scrollbar position after reload - ENH : SQL Editor : Column completion fixed - ENH : SQL Editor : Hyperlink navigation from connectionname in Statusbar to Server Navigator - ENH : SQL Editor : Refresh grid result is now executed while fetching data - ENH : SQL Editor : Auto Save session state fixed, ordering is restored - ENH : SQL Editor : Improved Syntax highlighting - ENH : SQL Editor : Improved SQL formatter - ENH : Better positioning of dialogs main window - ENH : New Look and Feel Flat Light and Flat Dark integrated from https://github.com/JFormDesigner/FlatLaf - ENH : Improvements for supported dark mode - ENH : Intercell spacing for all table components removed - ENH : SQL DataLens ist shipped with a minimized private JRE (based on JetBrains JDK 11) - ENH : HiDPI support improved. The menu item is removed. The system scale factor is configured on the OS level. Now the per-monitor DPI is supported. Configured as scale factor in Display Settings system dialog (https://blogs.windows.com/windowsdeveloper/2016/10/24/high-dpi-scaling-improvements-for-desktop-applications-and-mixed-mode-dpi-scaling-in-the-windows-10-anniversary-update/#Q70zmTwpp7rCw8gC.97) - ENH : Driver updated to MS SQL Server 9.2.1 (mssql-jdbc-9.2.1.jre11) - ENH : Driver updated to PostgreSQL 42.2.19 (postgresql-42.2.19.jar) (https://jdbc.postgresql.org/download.html) - ENH : Driver updated to H2 Database Engine 1.4.200 (h2-1.4.200.jar) - ENH : Driver updated CsvJdbc - added support to DBF Files - ENH : Driver added for InterSystems IRIS 2021.1 (JDBC Version: 2021.1.0.215) - ENH : "Open in Excel" feature improved - ENH : Export improved: "Save query result to File" ignore read error. So the process doesn't stop and continue on next value

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