SimpleTerm Gold - Professional Edition - Serial Port Monitor 5.7

SimpleTerm Gold - Professional Edition - Serial Port Monitor 5.7

Developer's description
Published by Tronisoft Ltd on 12 Jun 2016

"RS232 analyser / scripter"

SimpleTerm Gold is an advanced serial port analyser / visual scripter. View and send (all 256) ASCII/Binary data in an easy to read colour coded sequence. Features include:
See "SimpleTerm Gold - Release Notes v5.7.pdf" for full details
- Modernised, clean GUI
- New "Message Display" window with an array of functions for enhancing test sequences.
- New in-line scripting feature for rapid creation of complex data packets and test data.
- New Macro List Examples Creator
- "New line before special char" + Play System Sound action
- Macro List Search facility
- Enhanced COM port listing with more information
- New beta feature "Loop To Folder Start" Macro List type. This can be used with the Run All Items In Sequence scripting button:
- New Application Start - Automatic Actions
For automatically starting a Macro List on application start and looping, the following features have been added.
- Added new settings option - see Settings->General tab: "Run Macro List on startup or drag and drop".
- Added new macro list item: "Jump to Start" - moves execution to start of macro list.
- Allowing of drag and drop support of separate macro lists (*.stml) or full settings profiles (*.ini or *.stp)
- Renamed Menu Items
"Settings->Display..." to "Settings->Configure (F5)..."
"Settings->Import Profile" to "Settings->Load Settings Profile"
"Settings->Export Profile" to "Settings->Export Settings Profile"
- Colour coded hexadecimal view of RAW data.
- Supports COM1 to COM256.
- Standard baud rates from 110 to Up to 3MBps. (If Device / System Supports)
plus custom baud rates upto 3MBps (If Device / System Supports).
- Macros, Visual Scripting Feature.
- Import and Export SimpleTerm Profiles
- Designed for ease of use.
- Changeable fonts.
- Ultra fast display rate.
- Runs in Windows 9X/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7.
- Colour print.
- Capture to file, send from file.
- Integrated note pad - supports Rich Text Format (RTF) files.
- Copy (RTF) screen data to clipboard - paste to Word, Wordpad etc...
- RS232 signal monitoring using Virtual LEDs - breakout style.
- Notation Converter
- Built in search.
- Professional Edition (SimpleTerm Gold - Professional Edition can let you run unlimited Macro items. Run unlimited instances on your machine (dependant on your PC/Laptop).
- 1 year of free minor upgrades and 50% off future major license versions.
- Email Technical Support for our software.
- Professional Edition is designed for Commercial use or Engineers who require a high quality product that can meet their needs and be deployed quickly for use as one of their essential tools in debugging, simulating and monitoring RS232 / RS485 communications.
V5.5 Improvements and Optimisations
Improved MODBUS (RTU) compatibility.
Super fast block writes especially for virtual COM ports for quick entry pane and macros (when 0 interchar delay chosen).
Super fast transfers with USB to RS232/422/485 and other
virtual COM ports e.g. Bluetooth SPP. Fast block writes
now enable stress testing your devices with macros and
scripting loops.
- Improvements:
Find Available COM Ports in Comms menu added.
Find it, connect to it - fast!
Added "New line before special character" option for
display settings; allows start of message separation
for easier analysis of data formats in protocols.
Many new CRC functions added including MODBUS RTU support.
Works on screen selection or on files. Screen selection
now automatically updates CRC Summary View with
revised calculation (if already enabled).
New macro list / scripting items for rapid multi-device
setup and testing:
"COMMS: Connect" - as per connect button / menu item.
"COMMS: Disconnect" - as per disconnect button / menu item.
"COMMS: Reconnect New Settings" - disconnect and reconnect
to default or new port and settings.
"COMMS: Set Line Settings" - fast but for line settings
only (will clear screen for new comms).
Bigger display matrix, bigger selection view buffer.
New "Create Send Data Sequence Macro (with MODBUS RTU CRC)"
"right-click" menu item for main Communication Screen display
(result is to automatically create a macro in a selected
folder within the Macro List pane). See manual for futher
Custom baud rates and port names do not generate load config.
warnings. If it worked for you and you saved the settings
then its available again! Now com0com compatible!
Changes to macro list editor and default file locations
changes for Windows 7.

Requirements: Pentium 300MHz or equivalent, 256MB RAM

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