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IIS Backup 32x32 pixels icon IIS Backup
The IIS Backup Utility enables you to backup all your IIS settings, including the complete list of web sites and all associated virtual paths and permissions, to an XML file. This XML file can then be used to selectively restore the sites. POP3 too.
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XAMPP 8.2.0-0 / 8.1.12-0 / 8.0.25-0 / 7.4.33-0 / 7.3.33- 32x32 pixels icon XAMPP 8.2.0-0 / 8.1.12-0 / 8.0.25-0 / 7.4.33-0 / 7.3.33-
XAMPP is an incredibly comprehensive means of distribution for Apache servers. XAMPP contains Pearl, PHP and MySQL in order to facilitate web server testing at a local level, regardless of the coding method chosen. The obvious advantage XAMPP brings
Freeware, Updated 30 December 2022, Reviewed 15 September 2011
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