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Workable CAD program for mechanical engineering at an affordable price.
by brecat on 5 Oct 2020
Rating: (Medium) for version 2020-1.12

Program for designing mechanical structures and machines. I have been using VariCAD for about 1.5 years and consider the program to be quite workable, but far from perfect. This CAD program is a bizarre combination of quality tools for creating 3D models and completely clumsy, in my opinion, 2D tools for creating drawings. If the convenience of 2D tools was the same as the convenience of 3D tools, I think this program would have many more users.
1. Very competitive price.
2. User-friendly licensing policy.
3. Availability of equivalent versions for Windows and Linux.
4. The program does not require a powerful computer and can work properly on a mediocre laptop.
1. Very inconvenient 2D toolkit, which requires the designer to perform many unnecessary operations.
2. Incomplete documentation. For example, some hotkeys are not documented.
3. The VariCAD support team likes to ignore user questions. The support forum is also in a half-dead state.
4. Sometimes the behavior of the program contradicts the documentation.
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