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Lightweight Security Solution that gives you 100% protection.
by whaleygood on 4 Nov 2015
Rating: (Excellent) for version 3.4.4

The Initial Full System Scan may be a hassle and can be frustrating to see that it's taking so long to scan but it's the way how the program works which to do a thorough scan and at the same time, building the whitelist. It's long but definitely worth it.

They have 12 antivirus engine to scan for virus and malware and they allow users to decide which engine they want to use. Application Whitelisting may be something unfamiliar with most users but SecureAPlus makes it so easy for anyone to use it, simply by deciding whether to unblock or continue blocking the application that is running. They provide necessary and relevant information to help user make decisive information. Of course, if user find it a hassle to do so, they can always switch to Lockdown mode whereby all untrusted program will automatically be blocked from running in the computer.

Indeed, like what they mentioned, giving 100% protection by utilizing blacklisting and whitelisting.
-Higher and more reliable detection rates with the use of 12 antivirus engines.
-Can be used together with existing antivirus therefore it detects virus that my current antivirus miss.
-Despite using 12 antivirus engines to scan, it is light on computer resources since it's on the cloud therefore no disruption to usual activities.
-Real-time protection
Design of UI does not look modern but they are looking to change their UI based on their beta. Something to look forward to.
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