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"Free multi-antivirus & whitelisting software"


SecureAPlus is an anti-virus solution like no other which uses cloud-based technologies to advance scanning abilities.

The software performs scanning in the cloud in record time. It does not run directly from the PC which cuts down on the percentage of resources used with scanning a computer for viruses.

SecureAplus uses over 10 anti-virus engines via their Universal AV to increase the rate of virus detection above what is usually experienced by most computer users.

There are up to 300,000 new threats created daily from the Zero Day threat to many other variants and new developments that anti-virus software providers need to help protect customers against. Combining anti-virus scanning engines ensures that while viruses that some scanning engines will miss in the first week of a virus release, another virus scanning engine may heuristically pick it up.

The number of virus scanning false positives is also reduced because any viruses detected can be double-checked with other viral resources to verify the detection specifics.

A full system scan is required to place the system in a secure state. After this, subsequent scans take only minutes because the time-consuming work has already been done.

Applications can also be white-listed to verify whether an application launching is already approved or is not yet approved and needs to be approved first. This can protect against newly-installed malicious applications from executing in the background without the user being aware. Blocking is automatic for non-approved applications adopting a safety first approach to application management.

Scanning is provided free for the first year. There is also a premium version with additional features like security updates for a nominal monthly cost.

Developers informed us that the upcoming SecureAPlus version, which should be available in early 2016, will have a revamped UI and new features such as on-demand scanning.


The installation completed without any issues.

There was no adware, toolbars, spyware or malware included with the setup package.

SecureAPlus requires Windows 2000, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, or Windows Server.


The PC interface is nicely decked out with various shades of blue used to provide a burst of color to usually staid world of anti-virus scanning.

The software confirms whether the system is presently fully protected or not (a full scan is needed).

The Interactive Mode ensures that the user will be prompted when a new application is trying to launch. Other modes are selectable too.

A full scan can be performed. Suspicious items can be placed into Quarantine and this can be accessed later to review the items inside it.


  • Cloud-based multiple anti-virus engine scanner
  • Compatible with any commercial antivirus you might be already using - you don't have to uninstall your current antivirus in order to run SecureAPlus. SecureAPlus will run nicely alongside your current AV protection, for added security.
  • Quarantine
  • Fast scans after the first full system scan
  • Protects against new applications launching without permission
  • Fewer false positives
  • High detection rate
  • Attractive interface
  • Silent mode. This mode is suitable for gamers mostly and will basically make SecureAPlus work in the background, without any prompts or notifications. Application Whitelisting will silently block all un-trusted files and, if there is a virus detected in the real-time scanning, that file will be automatically quarantined.


  • Some users will prefer a non-cloud based scanner


Although not cloud-based, Avast Home Edition is a free version of the anti-virus package which protections millions of users every day. AVG FreeAviraBitdefenderKaspersky, and NOD32 are other good, non-cloud based, antivirus options.


SecureAPlus is an alternative cloud-based multi-anti virus scanner which can provide a second layer of protection and includes a welcome application security aspect too.

Requirements: 2 GHz Pentium 4 processor with 1GB of RAM or better

Top user review

Lightweight Security Solution that gives you 100% protection.
by whaleygood on 4 Nov 2015
Rating: (Excellent) for version 3.4.4

The Initial Full System Scan may be a hassle and can be frustrating to see that it's taking so long to scan but it's the way how the program works which to do a thorough scan and at the same time, building the whitelist. It's long but definitely worth it.

They have 12 antivirus engine to scan for virus and malware and they allow users to decide which engine they want to use. Application Whitelisting may be something unfamiliar with most users but SecureAPlus makes it so easy for anyone to use it, simply by deciding whether to unblock or continue blocking the application that is running. They provide necessary and relevant information to help user make decisive information. Of course, if user find it a hassle to do so, they can always switch to Lockdown mode whereby all untrusted program will automatically be blocked from running in the computer.

Indeed, like what they mentioned, giving 100% protection by utilizing blacklisting and whitelisting.
-Higher and more reliable detection rates with the use of 12 antivirus engines.
-Can be used together with existing antivirus therefore it detects virus that my current antivirus miss.
-Despite using 12 antivirus engines to scan, it is light on computer resources since it's on the cloud therefore no disruption to usual activities.
-Real-time protection
Design of UI does not look modern but they are looking to change their UI based on their beta. Something to look forward to.
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Antivirus information

Download3K has downloaded and tested SecureAPlus on 28 Sep 2022 with some of Today's best antivirus engines and you can find below, for your convenience, the scan results:
  • Avast:

  • Avira:

  • Kaspersky:

  • McAfee:

  • NOD32:

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