Rising Antivirus Free Edition 23.00

Rising Antivirus Free Edition 23.00

Reviewed by Chad Faith

"Provides full protection for your computer"


The free version of the Rising Antivirus software is perhaps one of the most advanced and potent utilities in its category. With just medium software requirements, considering the hardware nowadays, RAV is able to ensure a complete line of security for your computer and the best part is that it does that free of charge. Moreover, its effectiveness in entrapping a wide array of malicious software is able to rival even the most expensive protection utilities on the market. Among its highest praised features, you can count the Zero Day Rising Cloud Security, the triple-layer defense mechanism and the unknown virus scanner.


The installation of Rising Antivirus Free Edition is rather straightforward. The minimal requirements of this application for Windows XP or earlier are 256 megabytes of RAM and a 500 Mhz or better processor. However, for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008, the system requirements are at least 512 megabytes of RAM and a processor of at least 1.0 Ghz. You will be able to opt for Full install, Minimal install and Standard, which lets you select the exact features you want for it. It is recommended to choose the full install, as it comes with data and virus database backup utilities as well as a few skins to make the program more appealing. It is important to note that the Rising Antivirus does not come bundled with other applications, even though one can expect that from freeware.

Once the software is installed, you will be prompted to enter your email address in order to join Rising Cloud Security. Following, you will be able to configure the applications and the scanning method, as well as choose the browsers to be protected. The first update of the virus data base will take quite a bit of time, depending on your system.


The interface of the Rising Antivirus Free Edition is clean, user-friendly and intuitive for both advanced and novice computer users. The upper part of the screen has four tabs: Anti-Virus, Defence, Tools and Info Center. In the first tab you can choose the type of scanning you want the application to perform, the second tab allows you to choose the protection features you want to have enabled, the third tab lets you create to the virus database backup and the fourth tab provides you the latest information that manufacturers have released. On the upper right part of the display you will notice a gauge indicating how well your computer is protected and underneath it there is a tab that lets you access the Cloud Security feature you have signed for during the installation. Moreover, if you have chosen the full installation, you will have access to different skins via the upper right button that resembles a shirt.


The thing that you will love most regarding Rising Antivirus is that it has complexity and sophistication levels, as well as the same pinpoint accuracy in spotting and detecting malicious software as any expensive program. This program is able to monitor your emails, files, USB flash drives inserted in the computer, as well as your browsers, office and Kernels closely and weed out any suspicious Backdoor app, Trojan, virus or worm. It is important to note that it can intercept them before the aforementioned malicious programs are able to do any harm to your system. In fact, nothing can penetrate the three layers of security ensured by the Cloud 3.0 Protection feature. Users have even reported that Rising Antivirus was able to intercept malicious software that paid versions of Avast or MSE were not even able to detect, let alone thwart.


There is not much that can be said against Rising Antivirus, except that it currently has no integrated protection against key-loggers. However, this feature is not available in any other free version software either and rarely seen even in paid antivirus application.


A similar Cloud-based protection system can be found in the free edition of the Panda Cloud Antivirus. Alternatively, if you are not looking for a Cloud-based system, you can always try out Avast or AVG or browse through our antivirus reviews to find your fit.


Overall, Rising Antivirus is an extremely efficient tool for weeding out most types of malicious software and it works even when the virus, Trojan, worm, backdoor app or root-kit is not in the database, thanks to its ingenious algorithms. While some protection features may still be missing as of yet, keep in mind that this is a free software utility.

Requirements: CPU:PIII 500 MHz or higher ,RAM: 256 MB or above

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