AVG AntiVirus 2016

Reviewed by Michael Black

"Award-winning virus removal and protection."


AVG has become a household name after its impeccable spike in popularity just a few years ago. Primarily known for it's free to use anti-virus software in the beginning, they've now started offering even more powerful protection for a price. I've always been a big fan of AVG, but something about the 2014 version left me slightly disappointed. It seems as though it has become very similar to the other mainstream anti-virus programs that can be annoying.

Now, that's not to say AVG is a bad program, because that would be far from the truth. You'll still be extremely protected against cyber threats via AVG's computer protection, web browsing protection, identity security, e-mail monitoring, and active firewall. All of these components work together to ensure you're constantly protected and you're never too inconvenienced.

When I said AVG could get "annoying", it should be noted that it shows major improvements from the 2013 version in this area.


The install file wasn't very large, so I assumed there would be a download involved during the installation - and there was. It didn't take too long to get everything set-up and I don't have many complaints about the installation. One thing, however, is that they attempt to change your home page and add a toolbar for "added security". I'm not a fan of changing my home page, and the program already offers Web Browsing security, so I opted to do the "Custom installation" and skip those changes.

AVG is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 and requires 30MB of disk space and 32MB of RAM.


If you don't love AVG for it's powerful security, you'll love it for it's sleek and well organized UI. Everything is separated into categories that just make sense, if you want to check E-mail security, click "Emails", and if you want to edit the firewall settings click "Firewall". There's even a button called "Fix Performance", which will basically just give your computer a tune up.


  • Powerful security on multiple layers of your PC
  • Easy to navigate interface with setting descriptions that make sense
  • Offers computer, web, identity, and e-mail protection as well as a built-in firewall


  • Can be a bit invasive/annoying at random times


Pretty much any big name vendor of Anti-Virus is going to give you a similar program to AVG Professional 2014. Avira Anti-Virus Suite is an extremely similar program with slight changes, as is Avast AntiVirus.


I really want to see an Anti-Virus program include an option that will hide all of its activity. Obviously not everyone feels the same way, but it could be something with a toggle on/off option. The only thing that drives me away from using Anti-Virus programs like AVG is that I don't want it to interrupt me while I'm working on a project.

Looking past the minor flaw, there isn't much AVG fails to offer. It'll keep you safe against everything from phishing websites to infected e-mail attachments. If you want serious protection for your computer, you won't be disappointed in AVG.

Requirements: Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz; 512 MB of RAM; 950 MB disk space

What's new in this version: Added privacy with File Shredder for safe file deletion and Data Safe for documents encryption. Easy access to AVG mobile apps. Improved detection and file reputation.

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