FirmTools PhotoPrinter Pro 2.0 Antivirus Report

Antivirus report for pprinter2.exe (2.63 MB)
Download3k has downloaded and tested version 2.0 of FirmTools PhotoPrinter Pro on 15 Feb 2016 using only the best antivirus engines available Today.

We have found it to be clean of any form of badware (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.). You can view the full scan logs below.

We will test FirmTools PhotoPrinter Pro again on the next version release so make sure you check back for updated reports in the near future.
  • Avast:

  • AVG:

  • Avira:

  • Kaspersky:

  • NOD32:


Detailed logs

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Avast scan report: Clean
pprinter2.exe|>table.tbl OK
pprinter2.exe|>Add.dll OK
pprinter2.exe|>firmconv.dll OK
pprinter2.exe|>imoper.dll OK
pprinter2.exe|>locplugin.dll OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.exe OK
pprinter2.exe|>PrinterExt.dll OK
pprinter2.exe|>OnlineSupport.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>#IDXHDR OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>#STRINGS OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>#SYSTEM OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>#TOPICS OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>#URLSTR OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>#URLTBL OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>$OBJINST OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>1.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\1.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\10.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\11.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\12.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\13.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\14.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\15.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\16.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\17.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\18.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\19.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\2.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\20.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\21.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\22.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\23.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\24.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\25.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\26.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\3.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\4.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\5.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\6.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\7.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\8.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\9.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\addimagestoprintlist.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\autoarrangeimages.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\enhanceimagecolors.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\removeimagesfromprintlist.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\ROTATE_01.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\ROTATE_02.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\setlandscapemode.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\setportraitmode.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\synchronize.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>FAQ\img\toggleviews.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>features_content.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>ft.css OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>howtowork\1.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>howtowork\2.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>howtowork\3.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>howtowork\img\1.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>howtowork\img\2.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>howtowork\img\2_2.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>howtowork\img\3.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>howtowork\img\4.jpg OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>onlinesupport.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm|>Table of Contents.hhc OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoPrinter.chm OK
pprinter2.exe|>readme.txt OK
pprinter2.exe|>PhotoEnhancer.exe OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>#IDXHDR OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>#STRINGS OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>#SYSTEM OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>#TOPICS OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>#URLSTR OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>#URLTBL OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>$FIftiMain OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>$OBJINST OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>default.css OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\crop.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\enhance.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\flip.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\print.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\remove.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\resize.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\rotate.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\save.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\sharpen.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\show.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>howto\zoom.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\cfrompal.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\cfrompic.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\colorsi.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\cropi.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\enhance.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\enhance.jpg OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\enhancei.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\note.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\printi.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\redeye.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\redeye.jpg OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\redeyei.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\resizei.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\roratei.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\savei.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\sharpeni.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\step1.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\step1.jpg OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\wselimg.jpg OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\wselimg2.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\zoomini.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>img\zoomouti.gif OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>intro.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>keyboard.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>new.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>pe.hhc OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>start.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>support.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>wizard\enhance.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>wizard\redeye.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>wizard\select.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm|>wizard\selectimages.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>pe.chm OK
pprinter2.exe|>Tutorial.swf OK
pprinter2.exe|>noflash.html OK
pprinter2.exe|>tutorial.html OK
pprinter2.exe OK
# Number of scanned files: 124
# Number of scanned folders: 0
# Number of infected files: 0
# Total size of scanned files: 6496960
# Virus database: 160215-0, 02/15/16
# Total scan time: 0:0:0

AVG scan report: Clean
AVG 2015 AntiVirus command line scanner
Copyright (c) 1992 - 2015 AVG Technologies
Program version 2015.0.6189, engine 2015.0.4522
Virus Database: Version 4522/11628 2016-02-15
pprinter2.exe is OK.

Test started: 15.2.2016 9:25:09
Duration of test: 2 second(s)
Objects scanned : 34
Found infections : 0
Found rootkit : 0
Found high severity : 0
Found med severity : 0
Found info severity : 0
Fixed rootkit : 0
Fixed high severity : 0
Fixed med severity : 0
Fixed info severity : 0

Avira scan report: Clean
Avira / Windows Version
Copyright (c) 2010 by Avira GmbH
All rights reserved.

engine set:
VDF Version:

Scan start time: 2/15/2016 11:25:18 AM
Command line: g:\scancl.exe --nombr --showall --verboselog /a /z /s --log=output.tmp pprinter2.exe

configuration file: g:\scancl.conf
Date: 15.02.2016 Time: 11:25:03 Size: 2757120

Statistics :
Directories............... : 0
Files..................... : 1
Infected.............. : 0
Warnings.............. : 0
Suspicious............ : 0
Infections................ : 0
Time...................... : 00:00:01

Kaspersky scan report: Clean
2016-02-15 11:25:07 Scan_Objects$1857 starting 1%
; --- Settings ---
; Action on detect: Disinfect automatically
; Scan objects: All objects
; Use iChecker: No
; Use iSwift: No
; Try disinfect: No
; Try delete: No
; Try delete container: No
; Exclude by mask: No
; Include by mask: No
; Objects to scan:
; "pprinter2.exe" Enable = Yes Recursive = No
; ------------------
2016-02-15 11:25:08 Scan_Objects$1857 running 50%
2016-02-15 11:25:08 pprinter2.exe ok
2016-02-15 11:25:09 Scan_Objects$1857 completed
; --- Statistics ---
; Time Start: 2016-02-15 11:25:07
; Time Finish: 2016-02-15 11:25:09
; Completion: 100%
; Processed objects: 1
; Total detected: 0
; Detected exact: 0
; Suspicions: 0
; Threats detected: 0
; Untreated: 0
; Disinfected: 0
; Quarantined: 0
; Deleted: 0
; Skipped: 0
; Archived: 0
; Packed: 0
; Password protected: 0
; Corrupted: 0
; Errors: 0
; Last object:
; ------------------

NOD32 scan report: Clean

ECLS Command-line scanner, version 8.0.319.0, (C) 1992-2015 ESET, spol. s r.o.
Module loader, version 1060 (20150617), build 1092
Module perseus, version 1479 (20160203), build 1725
Module scanner, version 13029 (20160215), build 28127
Module archiver, version 1245 (20160118), build 1266
Module advheur, version 1167 (20160128), build 1133
Module cleaner, version 1114 (20151004), build 1145

Command line: --base-dir=c:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus /log-rewrite /log-all /files /no-boots /no-heur /no-adv-heur /mail /sfx /rtp /adware /unsafe /unwanted /pattern /action=none /no-quarantine /log-file=output.tmp pprinter2.exe

Scan started at: 02/15/16 11:25:09
name="pprinter2.exe", threat="is OK", action="", info=""

Scan completed at: 02/15/16 11:25:09
Scan time: 0 sec (0:00:00)
Total: files - 1, objects 1
Infected: files - 0, objects 0
Cleaned: files - 0, objects 0


General Security Recommendations

1. Install an antivirus

In order to keep your computer free of malware, we recommend that you always have an antivirus program installed, especially when downloading and installing new programs from the web. At least once a day, run its database update program. This will allow your antivirus to stay up to date with the latest badware threats and better protect your computer data.

If you don't have a powerful antivirus solution already protecting your computer, you should install one from our recommendations: Avast Free, AVG Free, Avira Free, Bitdefender, Kaspersky (50% Discount), NOD32.

2. Choose a safe web browser

An important aspect to keep in mind is what web browser you use. Most browser exploits and viruses target Internet Explorer so it's best you consider an alternative. The safest web browsers available Today are considered to be Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Besides being free, they are both fast, have pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, with privacy and security features. Give them a try: Download Mozilla Firefox or Download Google Chrome.

3. Learn more about securing your PC

These articles should help you further:

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