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User reviews for VirIT eXplorer Lite
A good protective shield for your computer
by frank on 7 Oct 2013
Rating: (Excellent) for version 7.5.06

A good mix of security: strong resident shield protection with a high rate of detections and a good support team that has answered my questions when I was in trouble.
- The possibility to use it in conjunction with other antivirus it's of course a plus!
- I test it in deep and in the end I have to say that it is a powerful security solution! The resident shield has always detected infected files and there were no problems with my second antivirus (that was already installed).
- In any moment if something is putting itself in auto run mode a pop-up is displayed in the center of the screen and warns me about what is happening, from where I can decide which action to take.
So far, nothing!
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