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Best Dns changing software
by hkmet on 7 Nov 2013
Rating: (Excellent) for version 1.0.6

For me portable Apps always better than others. It is portable. Very easy to use.
- Uses very little system resource
- Very effective and it works on my 3G (others does not work)
- If I'm not wrong Dns Jumper was the World's first One click Portable DNS changing Software and they have published the source code (2009) than others used the same technique
- And now I see that It is the World's first IPv6 supported One click Portable DNS changing Software , I don't know if they will publish the source code again but If they do that we will start to see IPv6 supported dns changing softwares everywhere, - I don't know who they are but they are the Pioneer
Small icons (but not so important)
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