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"Jump any dns easily"


DNS is essentially the internet's address book. It’s what allows us to use a name like download3k.com to access websites instead of using IP addresses. DNS is definitely a very important aspect to accessing websites today. Thankfully there are loads of public DNS servers available to help you out when you’re in need. DNS Jumper allows users with even limited networking knowledge make quick and easy changes to what DNS server your system connects to. DNS Jumper also allows additional troubleshooting features like being able to test the response time from different IP addresses.

Even if you’re comfortable making DNS changes yourself within your system DNS Jumper still has its advantages to use. It includes a large list of available DNS servers that you can quick switch over to without having to jump in your network cards advanced features. DNS Jumper gives you a wide range of options from automatically selecting the fastest available DNS server to flushing out your current DNS cache. You’re also able to manually enter your own DNS server if needed as well as even lookup your own IP address. There's also the option to check the response times between different IP addresses on different DNS servers.

Even if you’re an advanced user who knows how to make all these changes to DNS settings with the system command prompt, DNS Jumper still offers a nice fast alternative to making those changes. It makes for great use when trying to troubleshoot DNS issues as you’re able to quickly make changes to any network adaptor on your system with a simple drop down. DNS Jumper also provides a much easier way to troubleshoot DNS problems for the less advanced user with a very easy and safe to use interface.


DNS Jumper is downloaded in a compressed ZIP format, the application is standalone making it quick and easy to jump into the application once it’s been extracted to its desired folder.


The interface is a small easy to use application even for someone with limited network knowledge. The main screen includes functions to flush DNS, apply DNS, or even pick the fastest DNS available.


  • Author's note: "Dns Jumper is the World's first IPV6 supported DNS changing software (there is no other such software yet); Netsetman, mentioned as an alternative below, can not change IPV6 DNS. All other DNS changing software can change only IPV4 DNS."
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Loaded with plenty of DNS choices.
  • Able to quickly make changes to DNS settings to your system.


  • I didn’t experience any bugs or have any complaints about DNS Jumper.


If you’re looking for something that is still quick and easy to use, but offers a little more functionality than just DNS settings, then I would check out NetSetMan which is an application made for someone who is making consistent changes to their network by making it easy to change DNS or IP configurations.


DNS Jumper doesn’t allow you to do anything you can’t already do on your system, but it sure makes it a lot more convenient. With an large list of built in DNS severs and features allowing you to compare connection times, it makes DNS Jumper a great troubleshooting application for the basic and advanced user bases.

Requirements: No Req. (Portable App)

What's new in this version: Dns Jumper enables CheckBalloonTips registry enrty Automatically (Fixed), Updates messages are only in English language (fixed) ,Languages ​​doesn’t sorted in alphabetical order (Fixed) , Minor corrections of codes

Top user review

Best Dns changing software
by hkmet on 7 Nov 2013
Rating: (Excellent) for version 1.0.6

For me portable Apps always better than others. It is portable. Very easy to use.
- Uses very little system resource
- Very effective and it works on my 3G (others does not work)
- If I'm not wrong Dns Jumper was the World's first One click Portable DNS changing Software and they have published the source code (2009) than others used the same technique
- And now I see that It is the World's first IPv6 supported One click Portable DNS changing Software , I don't know if they will publish the source code again but If they do that we will start to see IPv6 supported dns changing softwares everywhere, - I don't know who they are but they are the Pioneer
Small icons (but not so important)
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