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Search My Network 1.23 32x32 pixels icon Search My Network 1.23
Search My Network is a professional file search and management program for LANs and desktop PCs. Look for computers, printers, files, folders on your LAN or PC. Create reports, print, export, sort, copy, move, delete, etc. Try it now!
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Copernic Desktop Search 8.2.1 Build 15482 32x32 pixels icon Copernic Desktop Search 8.2.1 Build 15482
Copernic Desktop Search Home is a modern desktop search software with many features. It is versatile and can provide search results instantly, while managing efficiently CPU and RAM usage. You can search for anything in your computer: music, videos,
Freeware, Updated 26 November 2022, Reviewed 1 August 2012
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