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*Spherical Panorama Virtual Tour Builder 7.05 32x32 pixels icon *Spherical Panorama Virtual Tour Builder 7.05
BestPlay Multimedia Player 4.1 32x32 pixels icon BestPlay Multimedia Player 4.1
Mp3tag 3.10 32x32 pixels icon Mp3tag 3.10
SP_VTB virtual tour compiler. Presentation tools. It intended for creation of multimedia presentations with spherical and cylindrical panoramas, hot spots, map, compas, video, objects, foreground speech, background music, flash animation, Html.
BestPlay is a multimedia player with HiFi quality and dynamic sound. This software includes many original functions created for special sound and video processing. BestPlay may be your favorite multimedia player and radio tuner.
Mp3tag is the universal Tag editor. Mp3tag enables you to edit and remove tags of your audio files, import from online databases, generate filenames based on tags (and the way back), Capitalize, lowercase and UPPERCASE filenames and tags and more...
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MP3 Audio Video

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Shazam Encore for Android 4.0 32x32 pixels icon Shazam Encore for Android 4.0
Did this ever happen to you: you hear a song you know and you are simply not able to remember the name of the tune or the artist. If you are at home, then it will not constitute an issue that you think about throughout the entire day, as you can simp
Commercial, Updated 9 October 2013, Reviewed 20 April 2012
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