IM+ (Android) 6.6.2

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If you are sick and tired of switching between social networks, instant messaging services and other communication applications in order to connect with friends, family and business partners, then IM+ for Android is the right application for you. What this Android app brings to the picture is a simpler and more efficient method of communicating and sharing files with your contacts, regardless of the IM services they are currently using. Moreover, the advantage of this app resides in the fact that it manages to simplify the mobile communication to the point where the user will not experience any distinctions between the instant messaging services.


The installation is straightforward: simply download and install on your mobile. While the minimum requirements for installing this app on the smartphone is to have an Android version of 2.1 or better, upgrading the OS to a 2.2 version will unlock the push messaging feature. It is necessary to point out that if you are downloading this application via a desktop browser, then do not forget to change the extension to .apk when moving it onto your phone.

The interface is one of the strong points of this IM program, as it is includes an optimized UI, out-of-the-box, ready to use and convenient for any Android OS, tablets included. The display includes a two-panel interface for quick switching between the chat window and the contact list. In addition, you will be glad to learn that any unread messages or open chats will be available in the chat window. At the same time, in the contact list window you will be able to see the IM service used by your contacts, on the right side. In short, with the IM+ for Android you will never miss anything again and you will be able to hold multiple conversations simultaneously.


Even though there are similar applications that combine several instant messaging services, the IM+ for Android stands out with the plethora of services it incorporates. Moreover, the developers are constantly introducing new IM services all the time. A further advantage of the app resides in the fact that you will be able to send messages, videos, photos and files free of charge.


Even though IM+ for Android permits you to use a myriad of emoticons, if your contacts do not have the application on their tablet or phone, they will not get to see it fully colored or in detail. Nonetheless, the app sends the contact the typical emoticons recognized by the instant messaging services they are currently using. As a consequence, you can rest assured you will not generate confusion when sending a text message with emoticons.


The best similar software to IM+ for Android are the ones designed for other platforms, such as IM+ Pro for iPhone/iPad, IM+ for Windows Phone, eBuddy for iPhone, or, for Android users, eBuddy for Android.


The IM+ for Android is a quick, efficient and free alternative to standard SMS services. Compatible with a variety of instant messaging services and incorporating a smart UI able to fit perfectly on the display of your smartphone or tablet, the application is extremely helpful for users who need to constantly manage several IM accounts at the same time.

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