eBuddy for iPhone 5.8

eBuddy for iPhone 5.8

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"Web and mobile messaging for everyone."


The number of applications for smartphones and particularly for the iOS operating system that boast the ability of integrating all IM communications platforms efficiently nowadays is nothing short of amazing. However, users who download and try out these programs often find that there is much ado about nothing, because the breaking flaws, inconvenient or unnecessary functions or simply the attempt of developers to reinvent the wheel rather than address the customer’s needs, ultimately makes them unusable or inefficient.

This, however, is not the case with the eBuddy for iPhone and the longevity of this software on the iOS platform alone should be reason enough to make it worth checking out, at the very least. Simply put, it will proficiently bridge the gap between social networking and IM communications, but there are far many more things that you can do with it.


The interface is perhaps one of the biggest assets of the eBuddy tool, due to its ability to consistently combine the full set of contacts (or “buddies”), regardless of whether they are utilizing their IM accounts or are on a social network. In addition, this software utility makes it extremely easy to handle several simultaneous conversations, to switch between them by doing nothing more than a simple swiping action, or to obtain an overview of all the communication boxes open via the tab labeled as “Chats”. Furthermore, the chat display window is used to check out whether your communication partner is currently typing and if you received new messages from other contacts.


The Push Notifications is definitely among the features worth mentioning in the pro section of the eBuddy for iPhone, because its role is keeping the user “online” even though the application is running in the background at that moment. In other words, regardless of whether your program is opened or not, you will still be able to see if any of your contacts have sent you an IM or social network message. At the same time, this utility enables you to upload statuses or display pictures, review the list of messages that you have received while offline once you reconnect, send image files to your contacts and many more.

While the freeware version of eBuddy is less complex, purchasing the license will definitely unlock the true potential of the application. It is also necessary to remember that if the signal of your internet connection has been lost or interrupted for some reason, eBuddy will automatically reconnect you to the account when it is resumed. However, the app will need iOS 3.0 or newer in order to function


Opening an excessive number of accounts, even though possible in theory, may cause the app to become busy and non-responsive.


You can also try out IM+ Pro for iPhone/iPad, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, Pidgin or Skype for iPhone.


In a nutshell, the eBuddy for iPhone program is an extremely practical application for individuals who simply cannot seem to find the tool that can connect them with all members in their contact lists. Moreover, the well-conceived organization methods, the singular list of contacts and the convenient interface deem eBuddy as one of the best additions to your iPhone.

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