Mozilla Thunderbird 102.7.0 / 102.7.1 RC 1 / 110.0b2 Beta 2

Mozilla Thunderbird 102.7.0 / 102.7.1 RC 1 / 110.0b2 Beta 2

Reviewed by Chad Faith

"Open-source, free and cross-platform mail"

★ Winner of Best Email Client in 2017 and 2014.


Mozilla Thunderbird is a feature packed desktop-based e-mail client that will surely impress you. The same company that is currently behind the Firefox web browser, Mozilla, managed to create a very powerful tool that only improves upon its old version. The newest version of the Mozilla Thunderbird is clearly the best yet! If you are on the look out for an Outlook replacement, for example, you should be happy to find out that Thunderbird is a worthy competitor. By scaling to your needs, whether we’re talking about archives, web mail or a desktop client, you will find that it is really a shame to miss out an incredible powerful software product. Let’s analyze the features of Mozilla Thunderbird in this quick article.


Sporting a setup kit of just 13MB, the installation process of Thunderbird is extremely fast and easy and if you follow the instructions in the setup process, you will surely not encounter any sort of problems. Mozilla Thunderbird boasts a freeware license and, as a result, it is absolutely free. In addition, the software product doesn’t come with adware/spyware or other programs and it supports all of the available versions of the Windows operating system. You’ve installed it and you’re curious about its interface, right? Let’s move on and see how Thunderbird fares in this department.


With a very attractive and easy to use interface, Mozilla Thunderbird certainly doesn’t disappoint in this regard. By supporting tabbed windows through which not only email messages, but folders, searches and even web pages can be displayed, the interface of Mozilla’s e-mail client is a real triumph! On the left side of the interface, you are provided with your mail options, such as the inbox, sent mails as well as local folders and a lot more features. One of the best things about Thunderbird lies in its customization, as you literally have tons of options, extensions and themes for customization purposes. At the end of the day, Thunderbird has an intuitive and eye pleasing interface that knocks its competitors out of the park.


First and foremost, Thunderbird is an e-mail client and, as a result, it does a very good job in this regard. All of the features you’ve come to expect and love are here: HTML support, good junk mail filters, multiple identities, excellent and robust web mail, POP, IMAP, as well as support for Microsoft Exchange servers. On the other hand, Thunderbird doesn’t neglect security and incorporates a ton of features to make sure your data is always secured. Digital signing, S/MIME, message encryption and a built-in phishing detector are just some of the security features implemented by Mozilla’s e-mail client. What is more, you can also install add-ons that heighten your security even more! Being more than just a simple e-mail client, Thunderbird allows you to integrate results with desktop searches on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The search tool is very powerful and you will surely find it very useful as well! Windows can be separated using the drag and drop utility. The account creation wizard is very intuitive and easy to use and the excellent built-in troubleshooting page makes Thunderbird one of the most reliable and fast e-mail clients on the market! An added bonus is represented by the support for Gmail. All in all, there’s a lot to enjoy in the Thunderbird e-mail client.


Although Thunderbird isn’t a memory hog, some users have reported several problems in this regard. If outbound mail scanning with an antivirus program options is enabled, Thunderbird can work considerably slower.


Are there any tools better than Mozilla Thunderbird out there? There are a lot of e-mail clients on the market. Let’s have a look at some of the alternatives to Mozilla Thunderbird. The following tools fall into this category: Outlook, Apple Mail, Evolution (Gnome Desktop), Windows Live – Mail, Sparrow (Mac), Roundcube and a lot more. Whilst a lot of these tools are fairly decent and get the job done, none of them match the functionality that Mozilla Thunderbird is able to provide.


Well, e-mailing is safer, faster and easier than ever thanks to Mozilla Thunderbird. Long time Thunderbird users will appreciate the latest version, whilst newcomers will wonder why they have been in the dark for so long not knowing about an excellent e-mail client.

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