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"Thin client with pxe boot for Internet cafe."


CCBoot different kind of booting system that is capable of restoring a safe boot for the next time the computer is booted up.

The applications for this kind of software are mostly in schools, universities, libraries and internet cafes. Each of these types of organization would benefit from being able to automatically restore back to an earlier version of the system which has no new software installed, removes any virus infections added during the previous day's usage, and cleans the system of other problems created by well-meaning (or misguided) users.

CCBoot is a diskless boot system which means that it is capable of running from a separate server which all computers using CCBoot can connect with and access for booting purposes. Because of this, the workstation does not need a hard drive necessarily to be able to boot up which can reduce costs.

Removes the need for extensive support staff to manage a series of internet cafe computers or public computers for use by members of the public at a public library.

The graphics that display when booting up can be customized to suit the owner of the network. Saved data can be accessed and is not necessarily lost following each safe boot process.


Installation is a little bit different with CCBoot because it uses a variety of technologies including IP, DHCP, TFTP and UDP in order to work.

There are two computers needed in order to install the application: a diskless boot server and a client (more than one client can ultimately be added later). The client refers to a diskless boot computer which uses a local area network (LAN) and will be accessed by users. The server uses a combination of DHCP server and TFTP server to function. The server software responds to any requests received from the client software over the network, allocates new IP address for the computer using DHCP, and sending information across the network to the clent computer so they can boot up even without a hard disk being present in the client computer.

The installation creates the solution to make this happen. In the future, the client boot sequence will be:

  1. Power up
  2. Load computer BIOS
  3. Access PXE stack that is built into the network information center
  4. Download the network boot program to the Client RAM
  5. Client will boot up.

A UEFI boot system is also supported.

It is possible to apply updates and add new software, which only has to be done once and then all clients can be updated at one time.

No malicious applications were added during installation

CCBoot client software requirements are Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008 or 8. For the server software, the server requires a different set of Windows operating systems and sometimes additions to help the server to function. A detailed list can be found on the developer's site.

CCBoot requires PXE.


The interface is well designed. There are many features to configure and the list of connected client computers is shown and can be interacted with. Some knowledge of how to configure the server software or to add each new client is required.


  • Create a diskless boot sequence on client computers that re-boots to the same system each time
  • Avoids problems caused by people who add new software
  • Each client PC on the system will boot by loading boot software into RAM from a server
  • Useful for public library internet access computers, internet cafes and educational establishments
  • Customize the boot screens that display on client computers
  • Update client boot system once and populate to all client computers activated; update or install new applications once, and all systems update


  • Whilst the technical aspects run on their own, a good level of knowledge is required to set the system up initially and to troubleshoot any issues.
  • Requires at least one separate server and one client PC to run
  • Requires increasing amount of installed RAM on the server PC depending on the number of client computers the system admin wishes to add


CCBoot is a very useful diskless booting system that loads a boot up sequence over a LAN connection from a server. System can be updated once at the server and all connected client PCs will get the new update, new software or changes. Wipes client PCs clean each time booted fresh.

Reviewed by Pete Daniel

Requirements: PXE 2.0

What's new in this version: 20131104 * sort client default by pc name * fix auto update bug * enable auto allocation writeback and server on group * fix a critical bug: update client info after client reboot [replay: pc1 online, change diskgroup, delete writeback] this bug come from 20130925 * add option for auto update

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