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AstroMenace 1.2

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"Redeem the Galaxy from alien invaders in 3d"


AstroMenace is an impressive 3D space shooter by Russian developers team Viewizard. It is an immersing space battle where pilots fight against alien invaders. The plot is not unique, but the visuals are outstanding. This is by no means a brainless arcade shooter. On the contrary, gamers get to make significant decisions about upgrading weaponry in order to succeed in their numerous mission. You collect points, or money as you play. The accumulated funds allow you to upgrade your weapons. The game is more challenging than you would imagine. There are 15 levels, but you will have to break some sweat to get to the final one. Created in the best traditions on space battles, AstroMenace is a thrilling experience. The enemy is numerous; the bosses are terrifying; the stakes are incredibly high. Anyone who ever dreamed of being a space pilot will find this non-stop action a treat. Take it seriously because it is a survival battle.


Installation is clean and neat. The game installed in sandbox surprisingly easy, and we applaud the developers for that. The pack comes clean from nag screen, adware, browser toolbars. Installation requirements are as follows: Pentium 1 GHz; 128 MB RAM; 75 MB free space on HDD; 3D video accelerator with 32 MB on board. The game is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.


Here is when it gets exciting. In terms of interface, there are two aspects: visuals and usability. AstroMenace is graphically superb. The 3D animation is realistic; the effects are stunning. Overall, visuals are brilliant, and we can rate this game as a visual delight next to masterpiece. The space background, the meticulous details of spaceships are fascinating. Graphical performance is the strongest point of AstroMenace.
Usability, on the other hand, needs a little simplicity. However, avid arcade gamers will probably feel at home in this overwhelmingly detailed game. There are numerous ships and even more weapons you need to reload. You can adjust profile complexity. There are separate settings for the game performance in brightness, color, sounds and speed. The number of hotkeys involved in the game is the worst. Almost half the keyboard has a special mission and memorizing it is a pain. Mastering the game is a challenge is you want to succeed. Resorting to mouse control will not get you anywhere further than the second level. Not to mention, you will not be able to upgrade your ship and weapons.


  • 22 spectacular upgradable ships.
  • Wide variety of weapons and weapon upgrades.
  • Possibility to collect money and invest in ship upgrade 2 modes - simulation and arcade.
  • Possibility to create 5 user profiles with different difficulty level.
  • Possibility to adjust brightness, sound effects.
  • Supports all resolutions including non-standard screens.


Despite the superior D3 graphics, the game has a steep learning curve. If you like to launch the game and start winning immediately, you will most likely be disappointed. It takes time to master your skills and get used to controls, memorize the hotkeys and finally start collecting money to upgrade your ship and weaponry.


You may want to try Galactic Dream Rage of War.


Space, the last frontier. If you ever wanted to become Captain James T.Kirk, you will find this fascinating 3D space shooter a delight. Fight against hostile alien invaders, but do not forget to take good care of your fighter spacecraft. As long as you keep ignoring your ship’s needs, you will keep failing, and human kind will be at risk of extinction. If you are strong enough, and do not mind memorizing the game’s rules, you will find a way to create the strongest, the fastest and the most powerful exterminator ship to destroy the alien menace.

Reviewed by Dan Vlasic

Requirements: Pentium 1 GHz; 128 MB RAM; 75 MB free space on HDD; 3D video accelerator with 32 MB on board;

What's new in this version: Availability of all resolutions supported by the user's graphics card, including non-standard ones. Changes in ship controls for the standard aspect ratio. All game missions have been modified for widescreen resolutions. Explosion physics calculations have been improved.

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