Air Penguin for Android 1.0.4

Air Penguin for Android 1.0.4

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"A clearly different penguin casual game."


If you think that penguins are those funny looking creatures that just sit lazily around in the cold climates of the Earth, think again! Part of the action/arcade games genre, Air Penguin is an addictive app that will keep you hooked for hours on your Android device. The storyline of Air Penguin is located in the freezing regions of the South Pole. Separated by his family, the mission of the main character is to make his way through the unfriendly Antarctica to save his family before all the ice cap melts.


The interface of Air Penguin is visually quite appealing. The vivid colors and the cartoon design of the characters is not only impressive, but also, in a sense, adorable as well.


You will be glad to know that the 15MB of the app’s kit is not all about the graphics. Air Penguin includes 125 levels that become more and more challenging along your adventure. This is only natural given that the ice cap is melting and the patches you jump on are prone to cracking. At the same time, jumping on an ice cap too many times will cause the ice to shatter. The fauna in this game is also notable, as you get to see animals such as sharks, turtles, ice bears, birds, squids and seals. Some of them are friendly and some aggressive, but it is best that you find out which ones are your allies and your foes while playing the game.

In order to play the game, you will need to use the phone’s tilt sensors or accelerometer as controls. Another important fact worth mentioning is that the game uses a 45 degrees baseline position instead of the 90 degrees you are accustomed to with other Android games. The game also contains a survival mode, where you can sharpen your jumping skills. Given the aforementioned information, it is advisable that you use both hands to control the amount of tilt.


The main advantage of Air Penguin is the ergonomic tilt angle that allows users to position themselves comfortable while playing. The graphic detail is another strong point of the application. However, perhaps the number one trump card is the gameplay. In a nutshell, lots and lots of levels, 5 scenarios and a plethora of items and power-ups to help you achieve your goal.


Even though they are pleasantly surprised by the graphics, fans of the game state that this app might have benefited from a shadow effect to help them estimate where they will land more precisely.


The most popular alternatives for Air Penguin are the Angry Birds series and Doodle Jump. While the classic Angry Birds (iPhone, Android), Angry Birds Seasons (iPhone, Android) and Angry Birds Rio (iPhone, iPad, Android) are free on Android, Doodle Jump is a paid app.


Air Penguin is an entertaining and captivating game. Even though it may seem very simple at first, rest assured that the plot and difficulty levels will increase considerably. Overall, you will find it very hard to put down once you get into the jumping, flying and dodging rampage!

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