Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone 4.1.0

Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone 4.1.0

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"A special edition spin-off of Angry Birds!"


If you own a smartphone or a tablet, then chances are that you already know about the Angry Birds game and its addictive, entertaining and innovative concept. The Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone is one of the latest expansions developed by Rovio. This version, Seasons, is basically an updated version of the Halloween edition of Angry Birds, but it packs over 205 new levels that can offer excellent challenges for players of all ages.

Currently, the latest version of Seasons includes the Season’s Greetings and the Spring Holidays. Overall, while the principle of the game has not been altered significantly, this new Angry Birds version is definitely worth trying out and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


Like the other versions in the Angry Birds series, Seasons features the same basic display and control methods that involve shooting the birds via the slingshot in order to destroy the obstacles set by the malevolent pigs. However, Halloween, Season’s Greetings and the Spring Festivals have unique skins and levels and both the environment and the protagonists of the game have been dressed-up accordingly. In addition, while for the Season’s Greetings the bonuses come in the form of presents, for the Spring Festival they can be found as chocolate bunnies and other similar goodies.


If you have played the original version of the Angry Birds game or the Halloween edition, then you are probably accustomed to the fact that the first couple of levels are incredibly simple to complete and their point is really about familiarizing the player with the mechanics of the game. On the other hand, the same cannot be said about the Seasons version of this series, as each level will prove quite challenging for the player. The good news is that you are not required to complete a certain level in order to access the rest. Moreover, this version has introduced the Mighty Eagle in order to help the player overcome some of the more complex scenarios or attain a higher score, so don’t forget to take advantage of it.


One of the main advantages of this expansion is the introduction of several ingenious levels that will keep the players tied to the screen for a long time, all at less than one dollar. In addition, Seasons enables you to participate in holiday challenges and get your fair share of surprises Rovio has installed for you. New environment and protagonist skins aside, the players will surely get a kick out of the special Mighty Eagle addition.


Less experienced players may find the difficulty of the levels in Seasons overwhelming at first, but this issue can be surmounted with practice.


If you had fun playing the Angry Birds Seasons edition, then you might find Crush The Castle, Angry Birds Rio (iPhone, Android), Bloons, Fragger or Siege Hero equally enjoyable.


The Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone does far more than add just a few levels to the game. The reason why players never really get bored with Angry Birds, even though they are essentially doing the same thing over and over again, resides in the ability of Rovio developers to challenge the intellect with every level in a different manner.

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