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Icebergo Free Accounting Software 13.0 32x32 pixels icon Icebergo Free Accounting Software 13.0
Small Business Advisor 2014.Q2 32x32 pixels icon Small Business Advisor 2014.Q2
ICEBERGO is a User Friendly yet Powerful Inventory based Accounting and Billing Software offered for Free Download. The Software is developed giving consideration to the needs of Small Business Outlets and all types of Shop Keepers in mind.
Small Business Advisor is the front-end software for the million-selling 'Starting and Operating a Business in ....' (California, Ohio, etc.) book series, by a Harvard lawyer and CPA, now available in electronic editions for all 50 states, D.C..
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Accounting & Finance

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Simple Shop 32x32 pixels icon Simple Shop
Simple Shop is a point of sale system to use at the cash register. Add new products, total up the purchases, take payment and checkout. Managers can access reporting across all terminals in multiple branches.
Freeware, Updated 15 November 2021, Reviewed 3 April 2015
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