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Spybot 32x32 pixels icon Spybot
Spybot searches your hard disk for so-called spy- or adbots; little modules that are responsible for the ads many programs show. But many of these modules also transmit information about your surfing behaviour and more to the net.
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Antivirus & Spyware Cleaners

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Antivirus Live CD 30.0-0.101.2 32x32 pixels icon Antivirus Live CD 30.0-0.101.2
Antivirus Live CD is a 4MLinux fork including the ClamAV scanner. It's designed for system admins who need a lightweight live CD with an antivirus scanner. Both Ethernet (including Wi-Fi) and dial-up (including fast USB modems) Internet connections are su
Freeware, Updated 29 July 2019
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Zillya! LiveCD 20130121 32x32 pixels icon Zillya! LiveCD 20130121
Bootable CD which can be used on computers with any operating system, regardless of the installed antivirus. On the drive there is an antivirus, a browser for accessing Web sites, file navigator.
Freeware, Updated 16 January 2016
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