Mustek BearPaw 2400CU Driver 1.1 Bitdefender log

Antivirus report for b2400cuv11.EXE (9.32 MB)
Download3k has downloaded and tested version 1.1 of Mustek BearPaw 2400CU Driver on 11 Mar 2012 using only the best antivirus engines available Today.

We have found it to be clean of any form of badware (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.). You can view the full scan logs below.

We will test Mustek BearPaw 2400CU Driver again on the next version release so make sure you check back for updated reports in the near future.
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Detailed logs

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Bitdefender scan report: Clean
// BDC scan report
// Time: Fri Mar 09 21:29:52 2012
// Command line: /arc /list /nohed /log=c:\scanner\output.tmp b2400cuv11.EXE
// Core: AVCORE v2.1 Windows/i386 (Nov 17, 2011)
// Engines: scan: 15, unpack: 10, archive: 49, mail: 7
// Total signatures: 7032452

b2400cuv11.EXE ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0001 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0002 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0003 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0004 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0005 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0006 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0007 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0008 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0009 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0010 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0011 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0012 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0013 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0014 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0015 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0016 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0017 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0018 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0019 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0020 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0021 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0022 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0023 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0023=>(unicode) ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0024 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0025 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0026 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0027 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0027=>(unicode) ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0028 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0029 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0030 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0031 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0032 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0033 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0034 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0035 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0036 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0037 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0038 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0039 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0040 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0041 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0042 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0043 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0044 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0045 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0046 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0047 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0048 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0049 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0050 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0051 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0052 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0053 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0054 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0055 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0056 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0057 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0058 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0059 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0060 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0061 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0062 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0063 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0064 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0065 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0066 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0067 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0068 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0069 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0070 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0071 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0072 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0073 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0074 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0075 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0076 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0077 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0078 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0079 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0080 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0081 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0082 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0083 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0084 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0085 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0086 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0087 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0088 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0089 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0090 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0091 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0092 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0093 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0094 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0095 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0096 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0097 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0098 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0099 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0100 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0101 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0102 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0103 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0104 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0105 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0106 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0107 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0108 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0109 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0110 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0111 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0112 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0113 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0114 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0115 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0116 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0117 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0118 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0119 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0120 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0121 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0122 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0123 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0124 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0125 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0126 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0127 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0128 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0129 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0130 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0131 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0132 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0133 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0134 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0135 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0136 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0137 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0138 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0139 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0140 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0141 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0142 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0143 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0144 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0145 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0146 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0147 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0148 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0149 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0150 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0151 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0152 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0153 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0154 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0155 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0156 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0157 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0158 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0159 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0160 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0161 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0162 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0163 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0164 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0165 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0166 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0167 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0168 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0169 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0170 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0171 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0172 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0173 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0174 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0175 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0176 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0177 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0178 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0179 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0180 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0181 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0182 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0183 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0184 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0185 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0186 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0187 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0188 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0189 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0190 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0191 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0192 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0193 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0194 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0195 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0196 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0197 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0198 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0199 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0200 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0201 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0202 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0203 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0204 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0205 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0206 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0207 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0208 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0209 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0210 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0211 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0212 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0213 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0214 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0214=>wise0001 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0214=>wise0002 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0214=>wise0003 ok
b2400cuv11.EXE=>wise0215 ok

Folders :0
Files :221
Packed :2
Archives :2
Infected files :0
Suspect files :0
Warnings :0
I/O errors :0
Mb/s :4
Files/second :22
Scan time :00:00:10

General Security Recommendations

1. Install an antivirus

In order to keep your computer free of malware, we recommend that you always have an antivirus program installed, especially when downloading and installing new programs from the web. At least once a day, run its database update program. This will allow your antivirus to stay up to date with the latest badware threats and better protect your computer data.

If you don't have a powerful antivirus solution already protecting your computer, you should install one from our recommendations: Avast Free, AVG Free, Avira Free, Bitdefender Free, NOD32.

2. Choose a safe web browser

An important aspect to keep in mind is what web browser you use. Most browser exploits and viruses target Internet Explorer so it's best you consider an alternative. The safest web browsers available Today are considered to be Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Besides being free, they are both fast, have pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, with privacy and security features. Give them a try: Download Mozilla Firefox or Download Google Chrome.

3. Learn more about securing your PC

These articles should help you further:

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