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Download3k has downloaded and tested version of concat on 10 Jan 2023 using only the best antivirus engines available Today.

We have found it to be clean of any form of badware (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.). You can view the full scan logs below.

We will test concat again on the next version release so make sure you check back for updated reports in the near future.
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Detailed logs

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Avast scan report: Clean|>concat.msi|>Icon._853F67D554F05449430E7E.exe OK|>concat.msi|>01InstallExecuteSequence OK|>concat.msi|>Binary.MSVBDPCADLL OK|>concat.msi|>01_Validation OK|>concat.msi|>01UIText OK|>concat.msi|>01File OK|>concat.msi|>01_Columns OK|>concat.msi|>01Dialog OK|>concat.msi|>01_Tables OK|>concat.msi|>01Control OK|>concat.msi|>01Property OK|>concat.msi|>01Component OK|>concat.msi|>01_StringData OK|>concat.msi|>01_StringPool OK|>concat.msi|>01EventMapping OK|>concat.msi|>01ControlEvent OK|>concat.msi|>01RadioButton OK|>concat.msi|>Binary.UpFldrBtn OK|>concat.msi|>Binary.VSDNETCFG OK|>concat.msi|>Binary.DefBannerBitmap OK|>concat.msi|>01ControlCondition OK|>concat.msi|>Binary.NewFldrBtn OK|>concat.msi|>01AdminUISequence OK|>concat.msi|>01ModuleSignature OK|>concat.msi|>01InstallUISequence OK|>concat.msi|>01AdvtExecuteSequence OK|>concat.msi|>Icon._64F73AFBFAC675912A12C2.exe OK|>concat.msi|>_5_SummaryInformation OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC|>_2482F823F8BBE83B84DF2AAE83DC9227 OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC|>_57DACA54CC94EAAA92895105B631D43B OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC|>_6A5D2991B29D78F145F56D556731E89D OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC|>_6DEF16EA7C4947DD596523C1F1A6103C OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC|>_6E03A0D7E76BC6A5A6C60D482F37781A OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC|>_7285424BF4CBB3949ADB9D482BE96BA3 OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC|>_78F6120FC21638B388AC6A8EEB120DEA OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC|>_A09744CE444A4EFFA1E66ACE5E1D887E OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC|>_AF824B18CB1F4DB9B0D12AD63894403D OK|>concat.msi|>_3DE7B261D6BBA39973F85717006608BC OK|>concat.msi|>_5_DigitalSignature OK|>concat.msi OK|>setup.exe OK OK
# Number of scanned files: 42
# Number of scanned folders: 0
# Number of infected files: 0
# Total size of scanned files: 31662953
# Virus database: 230110-0, 1/10/23
# Total scan time: 0:0:3

General Security Recommendations

1. Install an antivirus

In order to keep your computer free of malware, we recommend that you always have an antivirus program installed, especially when downloading and installing new programs from the web. At least once a day, run its database update program. This will allow your antivirus to stay up to date with the latest badware threats and better protect your computer data.

If you don't have a powerful antivirus solution already protecting your computer, you should install one from our recommendations: Avast Free, AVG Free, Avira Free, Bitdefender Free, NOD32.

2. Choose a safe web browser

An important aspect to keep in mind is what web browser you use. Most browser exploits and viruses target Internet Explorer so it's best you consider an alternative. The safest web browsers available Today are considered to be Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Besides being free, they are both fast, have pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, with privacy and security features. Give them a try: Download Mozilla Firefox or Download Google Chrome.

3. Learn more about securing your PC

These articles should help you further:

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