Windows Update MiniTool 22.04.2022

Windows Update MiniTool 22.04.2022

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Reviewed by Mihai Neacsu on 13 Apr 2023
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    13 Apr 2023
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"An alternative to the standard Windows Update"

Windows Update MiniTool is a Windows software that serves as an alternative to the standard Windows Update. It uses the system update service to check for updates, download them, and install them. The software also provides the option to remove installed updates and hide unwanted updates. Users can get direct links to update files and view update history through the software's dashboard.

One of the notable features of Windows Update MiniTool is that it allows users to set up automatic updates for their devices. The software supports various Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 to Windows 11. However, support for 2000, XP, and Vista has been discontinued by Microsoft, and the software is unable to connect to check for updates on these operating systems.

The updates downloaded through Windows Update MiniTool are stored in the \Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\ folder. Users can also configure automatic updates through the software's group policy settings, with options such as Notification mode, Download only, and Disabled.

For users who are in offline mode, updates can be checked from the file. The Launch Keys utility provides additional functionality, such as executing specified commands when the program is closed. Users can run a bat file or specify several -onclose switches to perform tasks such as disabling the update service.

In summary, Windows Update MiniTool is a useful software for those who prefer an alternative to the standard Windows Update. It provides additional functionalities such as the ability to remove installed updates, hide unwanted updates, and set up automatic updates. However, users should note that support for older operating systems has been discontinued by Microsoft.

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