Parted Magic 2017_12_24

Parted Magic 2017_12_24

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"Live linux operating system partition manager"


Parted Magic is a Linux package for working with disk drives and disk partitions. The software runs inside Linux but it actually will work successfully with Windows, OS X or Linux formatted drives and equally can create new partitions suitable for use with any of these computer operating systems. Move partitions, re-size them, copy them, or delete them. Clone a hard drive over to another drive as a full backup rather than just a disk image. Run a full test on a hard drive to check for errors and run memory checks for bad sectors by running test data on parts of the drive. Use the secure delete function to permanently remove data that is no longer needed and then cannot be recovered later. Rescue a partition that will no longer boot. Software runs from a CD, DVD or USB drive as its own Linux OS so that it will always be bootable (assuming no hardware failure) and can then fix any hard drive issues.


The Parted Magic download is an ISO image file. This then needs to be burned to a CD or DVD, or copied to a USB flash drive that can be used by the computer to boot from. When restarting the PC and the CD or DVD in the drive, the computer should boot from this disc (assuming the BIOS settings allow for checking for a disc present and will automatically select this during the booting process.

Once up and running in its own self-contained Linux OS, Parted Magic can be used normally. The software doesn't come with any extras that are not needed to perform its hard drive tasks.


Despite the perhaps unfamiliar Linux OS, Parted Magic actually will look quite familiar to anyone who has used Partition Magic or other disk management software to create partitions before. All the main features are there and they're elegantly displayed as well.


  • Partition and disk manager that installs to CD, DVD or USB drive for its own boot procedure
  • Boots to its own self-contained Linux OS
  • Support ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, ntfs, and reiserfs
  • Create new, re-size, movie, copy or delete partitions
  • Check hard drives for errors and fix them
  • Secure deletion process
  • Clone a drive
  • Fix non-booting partitions
  • Acts as a partial rescue disk for some services
  • Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux machines




Partition Magic is a classic partition software that still delivers the goods for users. Other good options include GParted LiveCD/USB/PXE/HDMiniTool Partition WizardEaseUS Partition MasterAOMEI Partition Assistant.


Parted Magic is a useful disk management, secure deletion and partition manipulator package that runs from its own disc or USB drive so it is ideal for non-booting systems.

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