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The Only System Maintence Tool You Will Need
by lysergic on 5 Apr 2021
Rating: (Excellent) for version 5.6.5

I have been using Wise Care 365 for over 3 years and it has every utility necessary to make sure your computer is working like a well-oiled machine. It has features for both the tech newbie and advanced users alike looking to customize how the utility works. With one click, System Tuneup will optimize your PC and give it a new life. I have noticed a huge difference, especially using Wise Care on older computers. The Common Cleaner tool deletes junk files created by Windows and other applications to free up more space. The Registry Cleaner removes any extraneous, unneeded entries in the Windows registry which prevents errors when running applications, such as uninstalling program files. Privacy Eraser and Disk Eraser can delete any files that may impact your privacy as well as freeing up additional space. The System Monitor provides an easy-to-read snapshot of all the processes running on your computer allowing you to see possible hidden programs running in the background. Overall, Wise Care 365 is like having 5 PC maintenance tools in one easy to use utility. High recommended!
- Easy to use interface
- Has every system maintenance tool in one program
- Frees up space
- Improves system performance
- The ads in the free version are a bit intrusive.
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