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Liked the unique GUI
by bernd on 22 Jan 2015
Rating: (Excellent) for version 1.39

I was able to record a lot mp3's using this. It was really easy and I was not limited to just one radio station but I was recording from 3 at the same time. Propably you can record from many more (guess only limited by your network speed).

I had it running over night and in the morning I was a proud owner of over 900 new songs that I can now listen to when not being online.

But I also use it now as my regular player as it comes with this amazing lastfm (thats where they get it from I think) band details to each song.

I really have nothing to argue about this program at all. The price is a joke as well...9 EUR or something. I had a look before on other tools on this category, all just not the same league.
- easy GUI
- great details to playing songs/covers
- can record and listen to it
- can record many streams at once
Actually nothing, I tried to record a RM stream which was not working, though as I prefer MP3s, I can live with it.
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